What’s Next in Washington State?

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Earlier this month, legislators in Washington State approved a bill to save the state’s charter public schools. This bipartisan vote was a testament to the hard work of parents and students who led this fight and succeeded in changing hearts and minds. Charter schools are committed to being a part of closing opportunity gap—at its core this is a social justice issue.

What’s next? The bill head’s to Governor Inslee’s desk to be signed into law.

We expect that this week, Governor Inslee will respect the will of Washington voters and sign the bill to keep Washington’s charter schools open—and if so he would have the support of many across the state and across the country.

"We celebrate the parents who led this charge, and the school and movement leaders who refused to take no for an answer. Their amazing efforts on behalf of Washington’s students has led to one of the most remarkable victories in the history of this movement. We call on ... the Governor to sign the bill as soon as possible.”
Nina Rees, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

“This is an important bill, not just for the more than 1,100 students currently attending public charter schools, but for all 1.1M students who will access to innovative and high-quality options down the line. We expect Governor Inslee to join the legislature, who approved this bill with bipartisan support, on the right side of history, and to honor the will of the voters who approved public charter schools statewide. We are grateful to our families and lawmakers, and eager to see 6194 signed into law so that communities can move forward with plans to grow and offer new high-quality education options to Washington families.”
- Tom Franta, Washington State Charter Schools Association

“Now, Gov. Jay Inslee should — without delay — sign ESSSB 6194, a remedy for the concerns of the state Supreme Court, which threw out the voter-approved charter-school law in September.”
Seattle Times Editorial Board

“So Inslee is probably right that the special session should last only a matter of days. In the meantime, he would serve the interests of the state by signing the worthy legislation that won approval in the regular session’s final days — especially the charter school fix.”
- Yakima Herald-Republic Editorial Board

“Ultimately, this legislation satisfies the will of the voters, a majority of whom approved charter schools in Washington state. And it creates a path for Washington to finally join 43 other states in establishing charter schools.”
- Union-Bulletin Editorial Board

“I urge the governor to sign the charter-school bill, which would keep these students on the path to achieving their dreams and build upon Washington’s foundation of innovation and accountability in public education.”
- State Representative Eric Pettigrew

How can you help? Join these supporters and make your position known by sending a tweet to Governor Inslee.



Maggie Meyers is the Director of Communications at the Washington Charter Schools Association.

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