My Public Charter School Sent Me to the White House!

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My name is Issac Jackson. I am 17 years old, and I’m a senior at Richard Wright Public Charter School for Journalism and Media Arts, in Washington DC. I have been a student at Richard Wright PCS for 4 years.

My charter school changed me dramatically. When I started at Richard Wright, I was a very quiet person who never really said anything and refrained from making friends. I was shy, intimidated, and afraid to engage. But the individual care and encouragement I received from my teachers brought me out of my shell. I’ve become more confident and more assertive; I’ve become a role model to my peers. Your support for public charter schools has helped me on my journey, and today you can support more bright youth who haven’t had the same chance! 

My school’s student-centered approach shows all of us attending Richard Wright that the staff is dedicated to our success. We are a family here—a diverse family that welcomes everyone and helps each of us to reach our individual goals. Before Richard Wright, I did not have a positive male role model in my life, and I feared that I would never learn what it is like to be a man. The role models I’ve found at my charter school are helping me to become more than “a man;” I’m becoming a leader.

But a great education isn’t all about hand-holding and nurturing. That’s important, for sure. But what drove me to choose Richard Wright is the academic rigor—the promise that it would be challenging, just like I needed it to be. I had the drive to be a better scholar, but it’s Richard Wright that’s provided me with the opportunity to really see what I can do with my life. You can help more students like me find schools that fit our unique needs.

Your generosity enables the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to create new opportunities in learning. Throughout the month of December, the National Alliance is partnering with the Katzman Ernst Family Foundation to give the gift of a great education. Each dollar donated to the National Alliance this month will be matched by the Katzman Ernst Family Foundation $2 to $1! With your help, the National Alliance can keep the pressure on lawmakers to support students, teachers, and schools to make sure that all children have the opportunity to realize their potential, just like me.

Richard Wright helped me discover my passion for film, and has helped me turn that passion into a career path. The picture, above, is me taking some B-roll at the White House! Film lets me take my creativity and put it on screen to tell a story—a story that shows others who I am and how I feel. Film is more than a dream to me. It is a passion that continues to motivate me to keep pushing and striving. When I grow up I want to be a Filmmaker, Cinematographer, Sound Engineer, or a Stage Manager. My charter school will help me get there.

You can help more kids like me find confidence, discover passions, and reach for their dreams. You can give more students the gift of a great education. Please, make your gift today, and with this $2 to $1 match, you’ll triple your impact on the lives of future talents, like me!

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