End Poverty in America, One Student at a Time

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Young people need your help. Too many bright minds are trapped in a devastating cycle of poverty and systemic educational discrimination. But you can change lives. You can end poverty in America—one student at a time.

My name is Marco Petruzzi, and I am the CEO of Green Dot Public Schools National—a network of 21 charter schools in California, Tennessee, and Washington. Green Dot schools are 100% focused on the families in the lowest 10% of the income bracket. The average household income of a Green Dot family is around $20,000 per year. Ninety-five percent of Green Dot parents have not graduated from college, and forty-five percent didn’t graduate high school. These numbers are the makings of intergenerational poverty. Yet in ten short years, more than 10,000 of our students have graduated Green Dot schools and gone on to college—charting a new to opportunity. This is the power of public charter schools.

During this season of giving, you can give the gift of a great education. Throughout the month of December, each dollar you donate to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools will be matched $2 to $1 by the Katzman Ernst Family Foundation.

My experience with charter schools started with helping low-income kids get out of poverty. I am outraged that low-income students in the bottom-performing 5% of schools are facing long odds to graduate prepared for college, leadership, and life. The charter school movement is about running great schools that can deliver the high-quality education all children deserve. Your gift to the National Alliance will help do just that, and with this limited-time $2 to $1 match, the impact of your donation will triple!

With your help, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools can provide opportunity to students who attend the 5% of schools generating 50% of the nation’s dropouts. Your generous donation will grow the number of high-quality charter schools available to all families, especially those who do not have access to high-quality public schools. Your support of the National Alliance will offer a great education to students who need it the most.

We have so much strife in this country over income and equality. But there is a solution—it’s education. By focusing on getting young people to and through college, 90% of students from low-income backgrounds can escape poverty. Please, join me in support of public charter schools. Take advantage of this time-limited $2 to $1 match and give your gift of a great education, today!

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