Capitol Hill Event Focuses on Encouraging Continued Charter School Innovation

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The autonomy provided to charter schools has granted teachers and school leaders an unparalleled opportunity to rethink traditional educational methods and school culture, develop new curricula, and create learning environments targeted to students’ unique needs. The resulting innovation cultivated in charter public schools has led to improved student outcomes and unprecedented parental demand. But, how can we support and encourage continued innovation in charter schools to strengthen the future of the movement?

On December 7, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools hosted a Capitol Hill briefing to examine the ways charter schools are encouraging innovation in K-12 education. The briefing was moderated by Lauren Camera, a reporter for US News and World Report. The Mind Trust’s recent report, Raising the Bar: Why Public Charter Schools Must Become Even More Innovative, was used to discuss opportunities to enhance innovation within the charter school movement. In addition, Carlie Fisherow, Executive Director of DC Scholar Academies, Jon Rosenberg, President and CEO of New York’s Hebrew Charter School Center, and Jessica Wodatch, founder and Executive Director of Two Rivers Public Charter School, discussed successful charter school practices for fostering innovation, as well as the challenges and opportunities facing the charter school movement.


(From left to right) Lauren Camera, Steve Campbell, Jon Rosenberg. Photo by Nora Kern.


(From left to right) Lauren Camera, Steve Campbell, Jon Rosenberg, Jessica Wodatch, and Carlie Fisherow. Photo by Nora Kern.

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