Beyond KIPP Shares Best Practices from Largest Charter School Provider with All Schools

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One of the core concepts behind public charter schools is that these schools will be the “R&D” branch of public education—using their increased autonomy to innovate and share what works with the entire public education system. And the largest charter school model in the nation is doing just that; KIPP has released a new resource that shares best practices and lessons learned to promote collaboration that improves education for all students. In the words of the KIPP Foundation CEO:

KIPP would not be here today if not for so many amazing educators who have collaborated with us over the years. Today, I’m excited to share a new section of our website dedicated to sharing what we’re learning through collaboration and partnerships. At Beyond KIPP, you’ll find information on our approach to teaching and learning, college counseling, character education, and leadership development.

This new section is just one of the ways we’re reaching higher alongside the greater education community, and we know that by working with others we can improve public education across the country. Thank you for helping make this possible.


Richard Barth
Chief Executive Officer
KIPP Foundation 

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