The Community at Academie Lafayette

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Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Academie Lafayette is a K-8 charter school that offers a high-quality education to students through a French immersion program in which students learn to speak French with daily instruction and practice in the language. Through the next series of blogs, the National Alliance will highlight the Academie Lafayette and other charter schools' efforts to offer high-quality education to every child.


At Academie Lafayette, parents and teachers noticed a change in their environment when they first transitioned to a charter school—they became part of a family. With a smaller number of students, Academie Lafayette is able to foster a family-like atmosphere in which parents, teachers, students, and the neighboring community work together for the betterment of the students.

Though Academie Lafayette has many benefits as explained by the school’s teachers and parents, one common value is that the school is its own community. Through multiple methods of communication, parents remain informed about upcoming events. In turn, the faculty has marveled at how supportive parents have been from the very beginning of the school’s existence. “As a parent and an educator I am thrilled about Academie Lafayette…There is a powerful sense of community built around strong academic goals and character development that is tangible and fantastic…” said Molly Davies.

Academie Lafayette’s community emerges from parents and faculty that are willing to do whatever is necessary for the success and growth of the school and the students. All are able to set and reach a common goal of ensuring a quality educational experience for their students.

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