Save Washington’s Charter Schools: National Resources

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On Friday, September 4, 2015, the Washington State Supreme Court ruled the public funding of charter schools unconstitutional. Because this ruling would eliminate their public funding, the future of the state’s nine charter schools—along with the students that attend them—is in jeopardy. We hope to shed light on the experiences of the families affected by the Washington State Supreme Court’s decision. The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools stands with Washington families in hopes of continuing their choice of public education.

The September 4th ruling handed down by the Washington state Supreme Court was heart breaking for families seeking educational options. However, Washington’s families simply dusted off and began to fight back in order to protect charter schools as a high-quality educational option for their children. In addition to support from charter school advocates within the state, Washington has received recognition and support from charter school advocates across the country. 

Though Washington has already received overwhelming support, charter school students are still uncertain about the future of their schools. For this reason, advocates are still pushing to save Washington’s charters on behalf of the parents, teachers, and students that chose charter schools. Below are resources to help your voice be heard in the fight to save Washington’s charter schools.

  • Add your name to the growing list of individuals nationwide that stand with and support the children, families, and schools affected by the Washington State Supreme Court Decision:

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