Katy Ridnouer, M.Ed., VERITAS Community School

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Katy RidnouerAs a 22-year educator who has worked with a wide variety of students aged 5 to 75, Katy Ridnouer M.Ed. knows the importance of a well-rounded curriculum and peaceful learning environment in helping students excel academically. This fall, she’s bringing that vision to life with the opening of her new school VERITAS Community School, CFA in Charlotte, NC. Starting with 130 K-3 students this school year – with 4th and 5th grades being added in the next two, the school will focus on developing a full child who is not only academically successful but can excel athletically.

Working with a nationally recognized, content-rich curriculum called Core Knowledge Sequence, the school aims to develop students’ “intellectual” core with classes in reading, math, social studies, science, music, arts and languages. Complementing this will be “physical” core, with regular exercises and healthy eating acting as the underpinnings to student engagement and sustained attention. Lastly, for the “socio-emotional” score, the school is committed to a peaceful learning environment, where every students feel comfortable and at ease with each other and their teachers. Coming together, Katy knows that these three “cores” will propel future generations of students into a bright and promising future equipped the skills and knowledge to be purposeful, productive, and peaceful citizens.

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