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Creativity and ingenuity have helped drive success within the charter movement. Across the country, students are offered unique and innovative choices in education that equip them with the fundamental skills necessary to excel academically. Among the many unique schools opening this fall is the Create Academy charter school in Phoenix, AZ., which will offer arts-integrated, project –based learning to students in kindergarten through second grade, as well as fifth and sixth grades. They will eventually grow to serve kindergarten through 12th grade. Create Academy teaches its students about social justice through arts in order to help students understand how to have a positive impact on persistent social issues.

“Our arts integrated curriculum both focuses on arts learning as well as using interactive arts strategies and techniques for students to actively engage with the core academic subjects,” said Rebecca Halonen, Co-Founder of Create Academy. “For instance, we will use drama during English language arts to make a story or informational text come alive, and we use music and movement for students to embody mathematical and scientific concepts such as geometric patterns and planetary rotation.”

As public school educators, Rebecca Halonen and Angela Pinholster saw a need for new and unique educational options that would address students’ multiple intelligences and expose students to a social justice curriculum. Create Academy will serve predominantly low-income students with a focuses on the arts as well as core subject areas including, English, language arts, mathematics, science and social studies. Rebecca and Angela established this balanced course structure to more comprehensively build critical thinking skills necessary for development throughout all levels of academic studies. 

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