Brenda McDonald, PRIDE Prep School of Technology and Science

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Brenda McDonaldThis August, Brenda McDonald will partner with the Spokane School District to open PRIDE Prep School of Technology and Science in Spokane, Washington. Brenda grew up in the Spokane Public School system and her dedication to public education proudly follows the footsteps of her father who is finishing his 56th year as an educator.  

For the past 20 years Brenda has worked to improve public education for students in the state of Washington. She spent the last eight years as principal of Garry Middle School and under her leadership Garry went from over 4,000 office referrals a year, coping with about one fight per day, to the fewest discipline issues among area schools.

As part of their efforts to improve college preparedness for Spokane’s public school students, PRIDE Prep charter school will include 10 more school days per year and two additional hours per day than nearby public schools. This will allow teachers, some of whom are Brenda’s former students, to provide students with a personalized education, which will include mentoring and internship opportunities, as well as a heightened focus on authentic projects.

Learn more about PRIDE Prep here.

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