Adel Sefrioui, Excel Public Charter School

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Excel Public Charter SchoolAccording to the State of Washington, by 2017 approximately 30,000 jobs in the state will go unfilled by Washington’s own students due to lack of qualified STEM candidates. Last year, only 12 African-American students in the entire state took the AP computer-science exam. Recognizing the abundant job opportunities available in Washington and the lack of minority students pursuing STEM education, Adel Sefrioui saw a need to provide students new and innovative choices in education. This year, Adel will open Excel Public Charter School in Kent, WA. The campus will offer a STEM-focused, college preparatory curriculum to 6th and 7th grade students, with the goal of serving grades 6-12 by 2021.

Adel began his career as a public school teacher in Chicago. Returning to his home state of Washington in 2011 to launch STEP Ahead, an access and readiness program dedicated to providing students the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve excellence in college and career. In an effort to prepare students for college and STEM-focused careers, Excel Public Charter School will utilize an extended nine-hour school day and 193-day school year to provide 100 minutes of instructional time daily in the areas of math, English and science.

Learn more about Excel Public Charter School here. 

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