Celebrations, Proclamations and Acknowledgements of National Charter Schools Week

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President Obama officially proclaimed May 1 through May 7 to be National Charter Schools Week saying, “In communities across our country, successful public charter schools help put children on the path to academic excellence by harnessing the power of new ideas, ground-breaking strategies and the collective involvement of students, parents, teachers and administrators. During National Charter Schools Week, we recognize these institutions of learning and renew our commitment to preparing our children with the knowledge and skills they will need to compete in the 21st century. “ Click here to read the complete proclamation.

Legislators across the country are also recognizing this week’s events.

Senator Mary Landrieu (D – La.) introduced a resolution congratulating the students, parents, teachers, and administrators of charter schools across the United States for ongoing contributions to education, and supporting the ideals and goals of the 12th annual National Charter Schools Week.

U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson, R-Ga., this week is joining the Georgia Charter Schools Association in promoting National Charter School Week to emphasize the important role charter schools play in education in both Georgia and across the nation.
“I am pleased to join the Georgia Charter Schools Association in commemorating National Charter School Week because charter schools play an important role in education,” said Isakson. “Charter schools create a learning environment where students, teachers and parents are afforded the flexibility to make decisions in order to maximize students’ success. I will continue to support charter schools because there is tremendous value in investing in our children’s education, which is critical to the future of America.”

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