We the People Public Charter High School

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The mission of We the People (WTP) High School is to empower the next generation of American and world leaders with the knowledge, practice, and tools to radically change the world for the better.
The vision of WTP is to foster an academic environment that leverages our diversity and our city to apprentice students in global citizenship. At WTP, local, national and global issues become the substance of learning where students are apprenticed by expert teachers and community members to engage, investigate, and act to solve some of the most pressing issues of our time. Students embrace challenges, take risks, and become courageous change-makers who can shape the future of our democracy.

We the People High School will be a public school of approximately 500 students at capacity, serving grades 9 – 12 in the Long Beach Unified School District. We the People (WTP) High School is seeking a 5-year charter from LBUSD (2019 – 2024). WTP will serve students primarily residing in north, central west, and downtown Long Beach, with the understanding that students residing throughout the city are also eligible to attend. The rich ethnic and cultural backgrounds of students and families residing in Long Beach are an asset to our school design. At We the People, students from historically marginalized communities will find themselves and their histories fully represented in the curriculum and through the ways in which they are apprenticed to make change. We intend to empower students with the skills and power to speak with and for their communities. Students will graduate from WTP equipped to change our world for the better because they’ve practiced doing so throughout their high school careers.


Long Beach, CA
United States

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