Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School

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Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School (SLACS) was founded to address the need for community access to
exceptional, leadership based education in the heart of southwest Philadelphia. Currently, Southwest Leadership
Academy Charter School supports just under 500 students in grades K-8 in single sex classrooms, leveraging research
from the world- renowned Gurian Institute around socio-emotional learning and differentiation between the sexes,
fueling growth, leadership and engagement for all students. Classrooms in grades K-2 are supported by two educators
from the SLACS team – a lead teacher as well as a co-teacher, translating to more 1:1 student/teacher instructional time
as well as increased opportunities for differentiated instruction for students.

At SLACS, we believe that every child:
 Is a developing leader waiting to be fostered.
 Is capable of high academic achievement.
 Can positively impact and contribute to the school and community.
 Needs a positive and hopeful definition of reality in order to succeed
We understand the importance of a collaborative learning environment between teachers, parents, and school staff in
setting up every child’s educational success.

SLACS is committed to building talented and committed cadres of teachers charged with the skills to develop leaders by
empowering scholars to change the factors that define their reality. Our staff will work with students to develop the
leadership skills necessary to drive complete community rejuvenation in Southwest Philadelphia. In developing these
skills, students will cultivate an array of leadership components that they can apply to community change on a global


Philladelphia, PA 19142
United States


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