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KIPP Bay Area Schools is proving that demography does not equal destiny. Every day, the collective efforts of students, parents and families, teachers, school leaders and support staff across KIPP Bay Area Schools prove the possible: that public schools in low-income communities can prepare all students for success in college and the competitive world beyond.

KIPP Bay Area Schools is made up of five middle schools, three high schools, and a regional support office. In 2013–2014, our schools serve approximately 2,800 students. To date, 85% of our alumni have matriculated to college. Over 95% are students of color.


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Listings By This Organization

Post Date Job Title School level Location Job Type
May 8 2018-19 Math Teacher (San Francisco, San Jose, San Lorenzo) Middle School, High School Flexible Location FT
May 8 2018-19 First Grade Teacher (Oakland, San Francisco, Redwood City, East Palo Alto, CA) Elementary School Flexible Location FT