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Green Apple School Management was designed to fill the holistic needs of charter school students. Created in 2013, by an established leader in the Montessori philosophy and 'whole-child' development, Ms. Constance Ortiz, realized the positive impact a holistically integrated, systems-oriented management approach could have in the charter school business. One of Green Apple's founding principles is to independently provide Board of Directors the support envisioned to efficiently and equitably achieve educational and organizational goals.

Green Apple School Management offers clients an innovative brand for academically-rigorous, 'green' and healthy, holistic schools designed to support the 'whole-child's' needs in a 21st century global society. Green Apple School Management empowers our client schools so each is able to pursue the growth of our innovative brand. Green Apple's team is consistently engaged in all facets of the school management process via ongoing collaboration, creative thinking, and problem solving forums, and ongoing dialogue with school board members, community partnerships, school-based leaders, educators, students, and parents.

Green Apple's charter schools provide a holistically integrated whole-child approach to students from all socio-cultural backgrounds. Every student served has the opportunity to reach his / her potential because they have access to a free, high-quality, education in 'green', and healthy school environments.


Apple provides support through consultation and guidance to boards, school administrators, and staff in the development of "green" and healthy, holistic educational programs and schools. Our professional guidance and technical assistance enables schools to establish and maintain a focus on whole-child development within schools. Our unique support ensures direction on how to build nourishing school communities and a healthy school culture to create a foundation for thriving environments designed for authentic and individual learning. Our holistically integrated educational program of services include: 'Green' building design and operations, healthy school lunch programs, nutritional education, aquaponics, organic farming/gardening, environmental sustainability, and STEAM-based, experiential learning opportunities that are both rigorous and relevant.


We offer among the most innovative school management services within the United States. Our unique brand for creating academically-rigorous, "green" and healthy, holistic schools ensures the highest levels of student success to prepare our students for future leadership. Communities prefer a brand like ours because of the deep value we offer, which celebrates the uniqueness of every child and recognizes that every child has a unique potential to develop and fulfill.

Green Apple schools improve the lives of students through a Whole Child/Whole School approach to education, thereby providing programs and environments that encourage students to develop their full and unique potential to realize the highest levels of academic excellence and achievement.


1900 S. Harbor City Boulevard, Ste. 120
Melbourne, FL 32901
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