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DCP's success with first-generation college students is at the forefront of a national movement for college access and educational equity.

The first charter high school in Silicon Valley, Downtown College Prep (DCP) was founded in San Jose in 2000 with the belief that all students, regardless of background and prior academic achievement, can and should be prepared for college success. Through our singular commitment to college success, we ensure our largely low-income Latino students and families are fully supported in the pursuit of a college degree.

DCP has graduated over 1000 alumni and currently serves 1800 students in grades 5-12 on four campuses and 500 college-aged alumni. In fall of 2018, 93% of the Class of 2018 matriculated to college. 53% of DCP grads have completed college or are on track to complete college in six years compared to 9% of low-income students nationwide. DCP is deeply committed to supporting, measuring and reporting college completion for our graduates, and serving as a replicable national model of college and career readiness for first-generation students.

Our vision is to ensure that more first-generation students have the vision, confidence, and academic skills to succeed in college and beyond, realizing their fullest potential and harnessing their power to become leaders in their field and community.


1400 Parkmoor Ave # 206
San Jose, CA 95126
United States


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