Superintendent of Schools

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Superintendent of Schools

Posted date
February 13, 2020

South Bend, IN

Employment Type

Job Title: Superintendent
Job Classification: District Leadership
Reports to: Career Academy of South Bend Board of Directors
Work Schedule: Year Round

Overview of Career Academy of South Bend
Career Academy of South Bend is a K-12 public charter school that consists of one elementary school (Success Academy K-5), middle school (Career Academy Middle School 6-8), and high school (Career Academy High School 9-12). Our high school and middle school are “A” rated schools and our elementary school is a “B” rated school. We have currently maxed out our classroom capacity with 1260 students. At Career Academy of South Bend we believe:
● In creating a learning environment that is focused on project-based learning (PBL). By bringing real-life context and technology to the curriculum through a PBL approach, students are encouraged to become independent and critical thinkers, collaborative and self-sufficient workers, and lifelong learners.
● In providing staff at Career Academy of South Bend with on-going Professional Development and coaching support so that all students are provided with rigorous and authentic curricula.
● In providing the staff at Career Academy of South Bend the support to develop high-level and engaging instructional practices that meet the needs of all students.
● In providing students with multiple opportunities after graduation. Career Academy has a robust Career and Technical Education (CTE) program and Early College program. Our CTE program pathways consist of Welding, Advanced Manufacturing, Health Sciences, Business, and Computer Science. Our Early College program allows are incoming freshman who complete the entire program successfully to have 30 college credits that will transfer to any Indiana public university.
● In an entrepreneurial mindset in all our initiatives

● Master’s degree in Educational Leadership or school administration, EDS and or PHD preferred
● Minimum of 5 years educational experience with a combination of both classroom and building/district level experience.
● Senior level executives with a proven record of significant managerial success in other fields and with no prior educational experience will be considered.

• Directly provides leadership and guidance to the following roles as direct reports:
o Assistant Superintendent
o Director of Special Education
o Director Curriculum
o Director of Athletics
o Building level principals (elementary, middle school, high school)
o Director of Marketing
o Director of Facilities

• By Board annually in accordance with Board Policy

Job Goals
Provides leadership in developing and maintaining the best possible educational programs and services.
Oversees and administers use of all schools facilities, property, and funds with maximum of efficiency, minimum of waste, and ever-present, overriding concern for impact on each student’s education.

Performance Responsibilities:
1. Board- Superintendent Relationship

The Board of Education believes that, in general, it is the primary duty of the Board to establish policies and that of the Superintendent to administer such policies. Policy should not be originated or changed without the recommendation of the Superintendent. The Superintendent should be given the latitude to determine the best method of implementing the policies of the Board.

The Superintendent, as the chief administrative officer of Career Academy & Success Academy, is the primary professional advisor to the Board. S/He is responsible for the development, supervision, and operation of the school program and facilities. His/Her methods should be made known to the staff through the administrative guidelines of Career Academy & Success Academy. The Board shall retain oversight supervision of such administrative guidelines.

The Superintendent and those administrators directed by the Superintendent shall attend all meetings, when feasible. Administrative participation shall be by professional counsel, guidance, and recommendations from deliberation, debate, and voting of Board members.

The Board is responsible for determining the success of the Superintendent in meeting the goals established by the Board through annual evaluations of the Superintendent's performance. The Board, in formulating its position about the performance of the Superintendent, shall rely, whenever possible, on the objective outcomes of its evaluations rather than on subjective opinions.

Communicates openly with Board, makes all administrative decisions necessary to the proper function of Career Academy & Success Academy, prepares and submits to Board recommendations on all matters requiring board action, recommendations are supplemented with necessary and helpful facts, information, and reports as needed for Board to make informed decisions, supervises effective administration of all federal, state, local, constitutional and statutory laws, state regulations, and board policies, delegates powers or duties to other schools employees, delegation of power or duties does not relieve Superintendent of final responsibility for action taken under such delegation.

2. Recruitment/Retention of Staff (Licensed and Non-licensed)

Secures and nominates for employment the best qualified and most competent candidates for teachers, supervisory, administrative personnel to Career Academy & Success Academy’s professional staff, secures and nominates for employment best qualified and most competent candidates for custodians, maintenance people, food service workers, para pros, secretaries, and bus drivers for Career Academy & Success Academy support staff, assigns and transfers employees as schools needs dictate and reports such action to the Board for information and record, suspends any classified employee for just cause and reports such suspension to the Board at next meeting for final action; OR terminates employment of any classified employee for just cause and reports such termination to the board at the next meeting, carefully administers provisions of negotiated agreement and recommends changes to the board that would be beneficial to the schools.

3. Supervision of Licensed and Non-licensed Staff

Communicates all actions of Board relating to personnel matters to all employees directly or through delegation; receives from employees all communications to be made to Board, holds such meetings of teachers and other employees as necessary for discussion of matters concerning improvement and welfare of schools, supervises methods of teaching, supervision, and administration in effect in the schools, including evaluation of teaching staff according to the law and other staff according to school policy.

4. Identification and Implementation of Board Policy Needs

Advises Board on need for new or revised policies and sees that all policies of the Board are implemented, acts, if necessary, in any matter not covered by board policy; reports such action to the Board as soon as practical; recommends policy in order to provide guidance in the future, exercises power to implement board policy, making such rules and giving instructions to students and staff as may be necessary, submits to the Board a clear and detailed explanation of any proposed procedure that would involve either departure from established policy or interpretation of new policy.

5. Financial Management Skills (including development and implementation of budget)

Assumes responsibility for overall financial planning of the Schools and for the preparation of the annual budget; submits it to the Board for review and approval, establishes and maintains efficient procedures and effective controls for all expenditures of school funds in accordance with adopted budget, subject to direction and approval of Board, acts as purchasing agent for the Board and establishes procedures for the purchase of books, materials, and supplies, submits to Board a clear and detailed explanation of proposal of any expenditure of a substantial sum.

6. Educational Leadership (including philosophy, curriculum develop staffing)

Administers development and maintenance of a positive educational program designed to meet community needs and carry out board policies, formulates school objectives, policies, plans, and programs; prepares (or causes to be prepared) and presents facts and explanations necessary to
Board in its duty of legislation for schools, recommends to the Board for adoption all courses of study, curriculum guides, and major changes in texts and time schedules to be used in the schools, together with staff, studies and revises all curriculum guides courses of study on a continuing basis, conducts a periodic audit of total school program; advises the Board on recommendations for educational advancement of schools, keeps informed of modern educational thought and practices by advanced study, visiting school systems, attending educational conferences, and other appropriate means: keeps the board informed of trends in education.

7. Relationship with Students and Parents

Prescribes rules for classification and advancement of students in accordance with board policy, receives, investigates, and acts on complaints and concerns expressed by students and parents.

8. Relationship with Community
Represents schools before the public and maintains, through cooperative leadership, a program of public relations to keep public informed about activities, needs, and successes of schools. Represents Career Academy & Success Academy in dealings with other school systems, institutions, agencies, and community organizations. Attends or delegates a representative to attend all meetings of municipal agencies at which matters pertaining to public schools appear on the agenda or are expected to be raised, keeps public informed about modern educational practices, trends, and policies, practices, and problems in Career Academy & Success Academy, confers periodically with professional and lay groups concerning school programs and relays suggestions to the Board gained from such conferences.

9. Effective Records Management (including all records required by law)

Files, or causes to be filed, all reports required by state or federal law and accepts responsibility for accuracy, maintains directly or through delegation personnel records and pupil accounting records as required by law and/or board policy.

10. Supervision of Building and Grounds, Transportation, and Student Safety
Makes recommendations with reference to the location and size of new school sites and of additions to existing sites; location and size of new buildings on school sites; plans for new school buildings; all appropriations for sites and buildings; and improvements, alterations, and changes in the buildings and equipment of Career Academy & Success Academy, provides suitable instructions and regulations to govern use and care of school properties for school purposes, recommends to Board sales of all property no longer required by Board; supervises proper execution of such sales, recommends establishment or alteration of attendance boundaries for all schools in the interest of good administration of instructional program, makes recommendations to Board concerning transportation of students in accordance with law and safety requirements, prepares crisis and disaster plans for Career Academy & Success Academy with input from staff, law enforcement, and other appropriate persons; oversees implementation including practice drills.

If interested in applying for the position, please email Chad Hartzell (School Board Member) a current cover letter and resume at Deadline to apply will be March 1, 2020.