School Leader/Principal - Lowcountry Connections Academy

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School Leader/Principal - Lowcountry Connections Academy

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February 23, 2021


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Position Summary and Responsibilities

Lowcountry Connections Academy (LCCA) seeks a dynamic, visionary leader and change agent to serve as its founding School Leader/Principal. This position ensures all students receive a personalized learning plan by implementing a distance education instructional program with fidelity. The School Leader is responsible for establishing an organizational culture: putting the interests of students and families first; recruiting, retaining and developing faculty and staff; building and growing relationships with key external stakeholders including regulators; and implementing the vision established by the Lowcountry Connections Academy School Board where every child receives a personalized and customized education, and academic achievement is at the forefront.

Working from your home within a commutable distance to the Charleston based office, the School Leader will manage staff as they consult regularly with Learning Coaches and students, ensuring that each child successfully completes his/her instructional program. The School Leader is responsible for overseeing overall school operations working with parents, students, support staff, and certified teachers who “virtually” facilitate a home-based student instructional program. The School Leader will spend the majority of their time working with external stakeholders on matters of policy, budget, academic outcomes, reporting, and supervision. The School Leader will report to the Pearson Online & Blended Learning (POBL) Director of Schools and be required to go into the office, as needed, in the Charleston Metro Area, as soon as it is open.

Other key responsibilities include the following:

- Oversee the implementation of the proven school curriculum and school operation protocols;
- Ensure that staff exhibit and maintain a high level of professionalism, instructional support, and customer service by implementing a mission for the school;
- Deliver the academic success and outcomes of the school, based on a list of annual school goals which may include the School’s charter goals to improve student academic achievement, Connection - - - - Academy school focus goals, and the Accountability score on the State Report Card;
- Work with school staff and POBL to create, implement, manage, and monitor the School Improvement Plan;
- Ensure all state reporting is completed correctly and on time;
- Maintain relationships with the school’s sponsor and South Carolina’s public education department while staying current on the state’s policies, procedures, and legislation, including specific Special - Education procedures;
- Attend all School Board meetings;
- Provide the School Board with regular written and verbal reports and updates;
- Ensure support of School Board to include frequent communication, specialized reports or information as needed;
- Exhibit high quality, timely communication with all school staff, students, and families;
- Responsible for establishing, monitoring, implementing the School’s budget; including working closely with POBL on staffing, budgeting, grants, and contracts in accordance with South Carolina laws and regulations, as well as federal laws and regulations;
- Work closely with appropriate Legal Counsel as needed;
- Work closely with Pearson Online and Blended Learning staff to implement the core operational model;
- Work with administrative team to implement any program changes processes and procedures, and/or new software application introductions;
- Handle any student, parent or teacher issues escalated from other stakeholders,
- Oversee the management of, contracting and/or delivery of Special Education services to ensure that the school is in compliance with state and federal laws;
- Oversee the implementation and coordination of state standardized testing process and ensure high student participation rates meet state and federal guidelines;
- Act as the “face of the school” at school events and with the Department of Education, this could include testimony;
- Supervise and evaluate all school staff as required by the state; and
- Perform all other duties as assigned.


- South Carolina Administrator Endorsement/License required
- Administrative or management experience required, charter school management a plus
- Strong leadership qualities and a commitment to goal-directed management and accountability
- Ability to commute, as necessary, to the LCCA office in the Charleston Metro area
- School turnaround experience, preferred
- Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree from a regionally accredited college/university
- Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
- Customer-focused approach
- Flexible, ability to transition from task to task quickly
- Demonstrated ability to work well in fast-paced environment
- Team player
- Technologically proficient (especially with Microsoft Office products and Google Suite)

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