Payroll Associate Director

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Payroll Associate Director

Posted date
October 4, 2022

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Responding directly to the Controller, the Payroll Associate Director is responsible for managing the payroll activities and staff of the school network. The Payroll Associate Director is responsible in coordinating with Accounting, Finance, and HR departments to process payroll for all company employees, monitor payroll schedules, and manage employee benefits and insurance plans.
The Payroll Associate Director ensures that records and processes comply with company policies and procedures, and legal requirements. The Payroll Associate Director oversees the payroll preparation, reports completion, and records maintenance. The Payroll Associate Director also monitors promotions, transfers, and terminations and makes certain that payroll goes out in a timely manner.
The Payroll Associate Director will manage a team of two – three individuals that have functional responsibility over payroll, retirement benefits, and fiscal compliance and reporting.
This role will ensure that the school network has the payroll compliance systems and procedures in place to support effective school operations in multiple states under multiple authorizers. The Payroll Associate Director will work closely with Accounting, Finance, HR, program and operations leaders, and their teams, to educate and support payroll compliance procedures. The Payroll AD will be a key player in supporting the interim and fiscal year end audits (specific to payroll requirements) involving multiple audit firms.
Essential Functions
Direct payroll activities for the school network’s schools, regional, and national support teams.
Work closely with HR to reconcile the HR HRIS with ADP and ensure accuracy of personnel data for payroll purposes.
Implement, maintain, and review payroll processing systems to ensure timely and accurate processing of payroll transactions
Oversee all payroll and reporting systems ensuring accuracy and full compliance with state, federal, and local regulatory requirements.
Stay up to date with latest state, federal, and local legal requirements
Establish tax accounts for new states.
Maintain internal controls and safeguards over all payroll Functions. Ensure proper implementation and provide training accordingly.
Oversee retirement plan audits and reporting for 403(b) plans and multiple public pension systems.
Liaison with the school network Internal Audit, providing payroll audit requirements in a timely manner.
Evaluate the payroll related systems and interfaces, and work with the Controller and stakeholders to implement upgrades when needed.
Stay abreast on the latest payroll software programs
Maintain payroll guidelines.
Direct and prepare tax forms and/or reports for government regulatory agencies.
Attract, hire, train, manage and motivate the payroll team.
Maintain a close working relationship with other members of the Network Support Team, school directors, and all school staff to ensure exchange of best practices, coordination of efforts, and general support for the payroll team.
Develop and implement systems to provide outstanding customer service to the school network staff across the country.

Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, business, or human resources
A minimum of 5 years of broad payroll experience serving as a Payroll Manager in a non-profit or for profit entity overseeing payroll, ideally in a complex, multi -revenue stream, multi -site, multi -regional environment.
Non-profit payroll experience (1300+ employees) preferred, charter school experience a plus.
Hands-on experience with ADP payroll software.
Strong background in managing the 401K/403B and public pension plans.
Robust understanding and oversight of all payroll compliance matters and the ability to identify opportunities to strengthen payroll internal controls.
Stellar interpersonal communication.
Excellent communication skills.
Strong understanding of state, federal, and local payroll legal requirements.
Strong analytical and problem solving skills combined with excellent attention to detail.
Experience in an organization experiencing emerging growth.