Operations Manager - High School

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Operations Manager - High School

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December 1, 2021

Brooklyn, NY

The operations manager must be present and engaged Monday through Friday, except holidays, and work occasional evenings on weeknights and occasional weekends, including parent events. This position has a year-round schedule, with time-off for school holidays and vacation. Additionally, the operations manager will:

ensure fidelity of the Infinite Campus student information system by training staff and instituting protocols to ensure system-wide consistency in use
support in ensuring that ATS and state-level data systems are up-to-date and accurate
conduct data entry, analyze and report on operations data, including data required for school, board and regulatory reporting
manage student recruiting and enrollment under the guidance of the director of operations
help to continually improve school operations systems and procedures and lead or support with special projects in this area
support the purchasing of required curricular materials (e.g., textbooks, or science kits) and other operational purchases
support academic operations staff in ensuring that academic materials at the schools are inventoried on a regular basis
assist the director of operations with special/time-sensitive projects throughout the year, including but not limited to: summer inventory, school year startup, scholar enrollment, assemblies, end of year closeout, and parent events
potentially manage one associate-level operations team member

Apply here: https://www.click2apply.net/DozXzWf4QpZYIMReCjDGq