Office Assistant

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Office Assistant

Posted date
June 12, 2018
School level

Employment Type
Full time / part time

REPORTS TO: Head of Schools, Division Heads, and Office Manager


The School Office Assistant is responsible for supporting the Office Manager with the day-to-day efficiency and work flow of the school office, which includes:

Providing clerical and word processing support to the Head of School, Division Head and other administrative staff or parent volunteers as needed.

Acting as the receptionist for the school receiving parents and visitors; assisting with inquiries regarding the school; providing course and grade level information; and answering phone and e-mail correspondence while also directing requests for information to the appropriate school staff member.

Coordination and distribution of school all school communication and forms/documentation to all school families, as well as regular updates throughout the year regarding school activities, calendar and deadlines for important events or grading periods.

Registering students new to the school, as well as on-going student enrollment from year-to-year.

Development, maintenance, and security of appropriate student cumulative records that include admission, emergency information, health records, academic performance, testing information, and other related information regarding student academic and social development.

Coordination of the assignment and security clearance procedures for parents and members of the public that volunteer in the school, its program and related school activities.

Maintenance of thorough and current filing system of pertinent information related to school operation including important correspondence with members of the public, parents and businesses; purchase orders and shipping slips for purchases; repair requests and work orders; safety inspections; testing results for the school as a whole; and necessary forms common to the operation of the school and its education program.

Responsible for staff attendance reports and providing substitutes with appropriate school and class information.

Responsible for the efficient, accurate and timely ordering of school supplies, instructional materials and textbooks within the procedures established by the school.

Responsible for maintaining accounts with the Charter Impact and all vendors including donations, deposits, billing, and time cards and reports.

Prepared and qualified to provide assistance to students who become ill or are injured during the day and notify parents regarding student illness or injury. The School Office Assistant should be knowledgeable to know when to seek emergency assistance for any illness or injury of a student, member of the public or staff member.