Occupational Therapist - 19/20 SY

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Occupational Therapist - 19/20 SY

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May 14, 2019

Oakland, CA

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Position Summary:
Education for Change is looking for a flexible and innovative Occupational Therapist to provide student evaluation, staff consultation, staff training and other appropriate intervention services as needed. The Occupational Therapist is also expected to assist students as they participate in academics and to support them through the development of functional life skills, within the context of their school day. This may include fine motor, sensory processing, self-help, and vocational skills. Service may also include providing adaptive equipment or assistive technology to increase student independent functioning in the school environment.

About Education for Change Public Schools:
Founded in 2005, Education for Change (EFC) is a charter management organization that was created as a partnership between Oakland Unified School District and the education reform community in order to leverage the flexibilities in charter law to facilitate greater innovation and to address the underperformance of our most vulnerable student populations. EFC is Oakland’s largest charter operator, serving over 3,000 students in the Fruitvale and Elmhurst neighborhoods of East Oakland. Five of seven of our schools were formerly OUSD schools that converted to EFC to leverage the flexibility and agility provided by charter law for greater outcomes for our students.

Our Approach:
EFC is committed to serving ALL students, regardless of need. Our approach addresses the diverse needs of our students by offering a myriad of program designs to meet individual need. We offer inclusion, resource instruction, combined programs that include both inclusive and small group instruction, and specialized programs for students with autism, those in need of emotional support, and students with more moderate needs. Utilizing a Multi-Tiered System of Supports, our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to analyze and problem solves around student and staff needs. We employ a whole child approach that not only meets the basic needs of our students, but also takes into consideration their socio-emotional, academic and behavioral needs.

Participate in preventative methods of support for students without an IEP (ie. SST and COST)
Respond to requests for consultation and evaluation referrals for students with suspected disabilities or re-evaluation of students with identified disabilities
Perform re-evaluations, focusing on areas of educational needs at intervals determined by the IEP, section 504 plans, and/or State special education regulations
Develop a present level of function and an IEP with goals that are educationally relevant and will be used in students’ educational and home programs
Implement service delivery to assigned students based on the goals, objectives, frequency/ duration, and placement as determined by the IEP team
Collaborate with educational staff to identify areas where support is needed, including adaptation strategies
Establish and maintain a system of documentation that is professional, efficient, and accountable and conforms to state and school policy
Order, construct, and adapt equipment to meet the therapeutic needs of the students
Attend SpEd team meetings, IEP meetings, and other school meetings when requested
Lead OT related intervention trainings for site staff.
Perform other professional duties as assigned by the Special Education Director or Site Administrator.
Attend mandatory new hire professional development

Required Qualifications:
Must be licensed as an Occupational Therapist in the State of California
Ability to administer appropriate assessments, interpret history and assessment data, and design and implement appropriate intervention strategies
Exhibit knowledge of clinical theory and its application as it relates to student educational needs
Minimum 1-year experience operating SEIS or a similar student information system
Ability to maintain high level of confidentiality and use sound judgment in all aspects of the job
Must possess a growth mindset and be able to use feedback to refine practice

Desired Qualifications:
Experience working with students in urban communities
Experience working with English Language Learners
Experience working with students with Autism and behavioral/social/emotional challenges

EFC Core Values:
We collaborate. We are a team. We plan together, observe and analyze each other’s work, collaborate with our coaches and site leaders, partner with our families, and together make decisions about our programming.
We are a learning organization. We approach or practice with an inquiry stance and a growth mindset; we analyze, innovate, and iterate every single day so that we continually improve. We believe in coaching and developing people at every level of experience, at every level of the organization.
We are solutions-oriented. We approach every challenge with a problem-solving orientation. We listen to and encourage each other. We are resilient in the face of adversity.
We are accountable. Our mission is to provide a superior public education to Oakland’s most underserved children. We assume personal accountability for student growth; we analyze multiple forms of data, and that analysis drives our instruction.
We are student-focused. We form close relationships, utilize personalized learning, differentiate instruction, make learning culturally relevant, engage families, and provide individualized interventions to meet the needs of every child.
We listen. We are a small, responsive organization that values students, family, and employee voice and input.
We are rooted in the community. Ours is a place-based strategy that works deeply with neighborhood leaders and partners to serve our children. We understand that the cultures, values, traditions, and assets that our families bring must be leveraged and honored to reach and teach our children.

Application Process:
Please go here http://app.hirenimble.com/jobview/299 to apply.