Network Leadership Coach

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Network Leadership Coach

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April 10, 2019
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Nashville, TN

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About Valor Collegiate Academies
Valor Collegiate Academies is a charter school network serving 1,200 students in the 2018-2019 academic year. Our scholars will graduate with academic skills, social-emotional skills, and positive character strengths that rival the outcomes of the best schools in the world.

About Compass Camp
Valor believes that it is developing a groundbreaking school model that has the potential to influence how we think about the purpose, design, and implementation of excellent and equitable schools. Over the next few decades, Compass, a human development model for children and adults, has the potential to permeate thousands of schools to foster far better and equitable results for millions of children in:

Social-emotional development / habits of success
Academic knowledge and skills
School culture and community
Compass is not an add-on program, but rather a set of adoptable model components and practices that have the potential to transform what is at the heart of any learning community -- human relationships -- and through that, cultivate a broad range of outcomes for children.

Compass Camp is Valor’s sharing and learning investment to bring the Compass model to networks across the country that are facing the key missing element of human connection in their schools. We have begun our initial pilot of this program with a cohort of 12 schools in 3 charter networks. With this pilot we are seeking to understand:

The conditions and practices that are required for adults and children to effectively adopt Compass;
The degree to which Compass moves outcomes on academics, SEL, and culture in situations outside of Valor; and
What variations, adjustments, or enhancements others make to Compass that could make it stronger for Valor and others.
Based on learnings from this pilot year, we plan to increase the number of sharing sites while still maintaining a learning orientation. In addition to questions such as the above, we plan to study how greater variations in the adoption sites (e.g., district, charter, academic performance, deliberate diversity in schools, etc.) affects the answers to the questions above. We will also be studying what kind of infrastructure is required to adequately train and support adopters and what are various economic models that enable sustainable scaling.

Compass Specialist for Network Leaders

We are currently seeking an additional Powered by Compass team member to:

Provide on-site and integrated support to campus administrators in our existing schools to ensure their Compass programs are implemented at a high level. This will include developing and leading trainings, working with school leaders on data collection and analysis, and providing direct coaching and coaching materials as needed.

Deliver a train-the-trainer model of Professional Learning sessions and ongoing coaching to district and campus administrators of Compass Camp partners: (a) Year 2 support of current partners and (b) Year 1 support of a new cohort of partners.

Design and codify a set of resources and training materials to strengthen our Compass model, both internally at our Valor schools and externally with our Compass Camp partners. The key areas we are currently working to re-design/codify include:

Elementary (K-4) social and emotional curriculum - this work will be an extension of our existing self-directed Compass Phase work that we have developed for grades 5-12.
Classroom culture-building approach (Fortified Environment) - this work will focus on building out our existing Fortified Environment framework and creating a set of teacher and leader facing resources aimed at helping teachers and leaders develop safe, productive, and affirming classrooms.
The trainer will provide support of current Compass Camp partners by 1) continuing to support the existing schools through a "train the trainer/network champion" model and single "bright spot/good-to-great" model; and 2) helping them scale to other schools by supporting their network champion to take them through a revised version of our Year 1 trainings.

The trainer will provide support of new cohort partners through 4 intensive trainings (in a train-the-trainer model) for school leaders and a Network Champion for each of our partner organizations. The trainer will also offer ongoing direct coaching support to the Network Champion.

Background and Work Experience
Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree preferred
Record of success in school leadership role, such as principal or assistant principal; preferred successful experience in coaching or leading school leaders, such as a network or district leadership position
Salary & Benefits
Competitive salary including a comprehensive benefits package; merit-based bonus package available