Middle School Teacher - 5th Grade Social Studies

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Middle School Teacher - 5th Grade Social Studies

Posted date
August 13, 2019
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Nashville, TN

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Valor Collegiate Academies is seeking an exceptional 5th Grade Social Studies teacher who is excited to share our mission of academic excellence and empowering scholars to live inspired and purposeful lives.

Our teachers grow to become extraordinary educators, mentors, and leaders. As a lead teacher, you will provide high-quality instruction through content-focused, data-driven preparation. You will collaborate with teachers and school leaders to examine data, unit plans, and lesson plans to ensure instructional excellence. As a mentor, you will serve as a Pride Leader responsible for guiding a diverse group of scholars through social and emotional development, support scholars in setting and achieving academic goals, and serve as the direct point-of-contact for Valor families. As a leader, you will play an integral role in shaping our organization’s growth, performance, and decision-making process.

A teaching career at Valor is multifaceted - you will receive curricular support and coaching to effectively own and teach your content, lead a daily Literature Seminar to deepen scholars’ literacy skills, and build strong connections while overseeing scholars’ positive character development. You will have the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on our scholars’ experiences, and on a larger scale, the Valor community.

Core Content & Literature Seminar

Prepare and execute rigorous, standards-aligned lessons and monitor student progress
Participate in weekly coaching meetings to internalize content and improve your practice
Maintain and update scholar gradebook
Establish and maintain communication with families to share academic and behavioral progress
Create lessons on an assigned piece of literature for a specific level and and group of readers and execute those lessons 4 times a week during Literature Seminar

Student Mentorship

Facilitate student Circle twice a week, as well as participate in all staff Circle once a week
Monitor your Pride group’s academic and behavior progress and support students in setting and reaching ambitious academic goals
Provide guidance and coaching on students’ self-discovery work
Serve as a direct point-of-contact for Valor families to communicate school-wide information

School-Based Duties

Enforce, uphold, and exhibit school’s values, student management policies and culture
Own arrival duty, recess or lunch duty, and/or dismissal duty to ensure scholar safety
Participate in parent teacher conferences, orientation, and other school-wide events
Track and input daily student behavior feedback to share with families and Student Support Team
Participate in school-wide professional development programming, including 3 weeks of faculty training over the summer and weekly sessions during the academic year


You have either (a) valid Tennessee teaching license with the appropriate content endorsements to teach Middle Grades Social Studies, or (b) a valid out-of-state teaching license that has successfully been transferred to TN, or (c) demonstrate you are on track to complete the necessary steps towards getting certification
You have the ability to execute a rigorous, standards-aligned curriculum and adopt a data driven approach in assessing students’ progress
You have a relentless drive to develop your own instructional practice to sharpen your skills as an educator
You have the ability to set and reach ambitious goals, and can handle the intensity required to thrive in a high-performing, results-driven school environment
You thrive on data. You can analyze qualitative and quantitative data to inform instructional decisions
You have the passion and commitment to serve an ethnically & economically diverse student body
You have the ability to model, live, and reinforce the school’s core values, norms, and policies
You enjoy cultivating deep relationships with students, families, and staff to create a positive school environment

Valor Collegiate Academies is a high-performing charter school network with a mission to empower our diverse community to live inspired and purposeful lives. Our scholars will graduate with academic skills, social-emotional skills, and positive character strengths that rival the outcomes of the best schools in the world.

At Valor, we believe that we can have the greatest impact on our community by committing to 4 key organizational anchors:

Top 1% Academics: We are passionate about meeting every scholar where they are – whether that is behind or above grade level – and supporting them to grow and excel. We define Top 1% Academics to mean that we are in the Top 5% in the State of TN for both Achievement and Growth. In 2017-2018, our middle schools scored 5/5 on TVAAS growth data in all grade levels and content areas, with our growth performance placing Valor in the top 1% of all Tennessee middle schools.

Powered by Compass: We believe that in order to live inspired and purposeful lives we must focus on comprehensive human development. The Valor Compass, our nationally recognized comprehensive human development program, is designed to help scholars develop their Sharp Minds as they strengthen their Big Hearts.

Thrive in a Diverse World: Valor was founded upon the belief that having a truly diverse community of families and learners in a thoughtfully designed model allows for everyone to have a higher quality and more meaningful experience. Our scholars and staff members come from various walks of life, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and home lives from within Davidson County.

Built to Last: We believe that being built-to-last means to have strong, long-term operational infrastructure. This is largely driven in part by having talented people, and keeping that talent at Valor. We believe in making the work we do sustainable, by providing our faculty high quality coaching, development, and support.

We offer a competitive salary that is determined based on prior teaching experience. We participate in Metro Nashville Public Schools’ retirement and benefits plan.