Middle School Social Work or School Psychologist (GVR, 2022-2023)

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Middle School Social Work or School Psychologist (GVR, 2022-2023)

Posted date
May 23, 2022
School level

Denver, CO

Employment Type

Position: School Social Worker or School Psychologist

Reports to: Principal

Central Support: Director of Student Services - Mental Health (DSS - MH)

Location: STRIVE Prep - Green Valley Ranch Middle School (Denver, CO)

SALARY: $54,000-$69,000 based on years of experience (role) and education level. These roles also include additional opportunities for increases to salary based on attainment of LCSW, NCSP, CDE SSP License and bilingual standing for staff who speak a language spoken by our STRIVE Prep students. You can see your salary estimate by using this calculator.  

Status: Full time, exempt, in-person position

Start Date: August 1st ,2022 

STRIVE Prep is a Denver-based community of public charter schools that challenges every student to strive for college and thrive throughout life by helping them to discover and develop the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in college and beyond. We encourage you to read our 2021 Impact Report and learn more about what a career at STRIVE Prep is like here. 

We seek dedicated educators that live STRIVE Prep’s core values of achievement, justice, & perseverance every day and are committed to growing as an anti-racist educator. 


Our School Social Workers (SW) and School Psychologists (SP) are responsible for conducting assessments and using data to make informed decisions and guide service delivery for our students who receive special education and 504 services. They help to provide a tiered model of school mental health interventions, services, and supports to create and maintain a variety of services to support all students’ attainment of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral goals. In addition, in collaboration with other mental health providers, our SWs/SPs provide preventative and responsive crisis services at their assigned campus. In addition, 

A SW/SP is a critical thinker who will be constantly encountered with unique situations that will require you to be flexible while solutions-oriented. SW/SP must make important decisions based on a thorough understanding of the student’s needs and situation, the available resources, and applicable law and policies. 
A SW/SP is an effective communicator and advocator. Good communication skills help social workers have difficult conversations with people in the midst of challenging life circumstances and emotional stress. 
A SW/SP is organized and is often required to deal with busy schedules, heavy caseloads and large amounts of paperwork. Successfully managing and prioritizing the logistical aspects of the job can help SW/SP maximize the amount of time on the schedule to provide meaningful services to students. The ability to prioritize which work is required to be done in which order is extremely important. Related to organizational skills, SW/SP must also have strong time-management practices.

This job is fast paced and ever changing, as it is the SW/SP responsibility to respond to student needs and implement the student’s individualized education plan with fidelity. The incumbent will work closely with the IEP case manager, Assessment Manager, mental health providers, and other staff to identify and support the direction of the social emotional learning within the day. 


Meets all professional licensure requirements (i.e., CDE SSP License). Learn more here.
Training and experience in restorative and trauma-informed approaches 
A commitment to the social emotional well-being of all scholars and the culture of the school.
Experience working with historically marginalized communities in any setting. 
Deep personal and professional commitment to growing as an anti-racist and anti-oppressive mental health provider. 
Independent travel in the metro area


Speaks Spanish
Has experience working with English Learners  
Demonstrated success working with students of color and students with varied abilities


Responsible Assessment and Intervention Practices in Special Education and Section 504 

Conducts valid, fair, and legally defensible evaluations for Special Education and Section 504 eligibility, including students in center-based programming. A school social worker performs a variety of standardized and informal social-emotional-behavioral, adaptive, and other assessments for students. A school psychologist performs a variety of standardized and informal cognitive, executive functioning, social-emotional-behavioral, adaptive, and other assessments for students.
Administer and interprets findings to identify student needs and develop subsequent appropriate interventions and services through IEP programming
Attends and contributes to IEP meetings as appropriate; present results in clear, understandable terms to a variety of audiences (e.g., parents, students, staff, community) so that the recipient can make informed choices
Assist with the implementation and monitoring of IEPs and 504 Plans
(If applicable to assignment) Collaborates with and provides consultation to the center team to ensure social emotional needs of students are met

Tiered Model of School Mental Health Interventions, Services and Supports

Provides direct and indirect special education services based on IEPs and mental health services based on Section 504s for students across LREs (e.g., Mild/Moderate, center-based programming). 
Participates in team approach on Functional Behavior Assessments and development of Behavior Intervention Plans; designs and implements and progress monitors services and intervention plans
Uses skill-building strategies through direct and indirect service methods in a small group or individual settings to teach students effective, positive behaviors, such as self-regulation and self-monitoring planning/organization, impulse control, empathy, and healthy decision-making
Designs, implements, monitors, and adapts student response to research-based interventions for targeted academic, behavioral, social, and emotional needs
Follows protocol for providing students in General Education/MTSS with counseling services that align with district and/or STRIVE expectations (e.g., SE/MH plan, consent for counseling, documentation in ezEdMed, progress monitoring )
Collaborates with families and community providers to develop student intervention/action and intervention plans
Work collaboratively with other school personnel to create and maintain a variety of services to support all students’ attainment of academic, social, emotional, and behavioral goals
Takes lead on filing for truancy contempt and implementing court order

Preventative and Responsive Crisis Services  

Collaborates ?with ?school ?personnel, ?parents, ?students, ?and ?community ?resources ?to ?provide ?competent ?mental ?health support ?during ?and ?after ?crisis ?situations ?and support ?network ?crisis ?responses ?as ?needed ?and ?follow ?ERCM ?network response ?team ?procedures
Conducts suicide risk review process and nonsuicidal self-injury protocols according to training and best practices (e.g., follow protocol, inform parents, provide recommendations and referrals to community services, and often provide follow up counseling and support at school) for students
Participates in threat response system process according to training and best practices for students
As appropriate, offers families resources and referrals for services in the community and support families in navigating those services


For most of our positions, we hire on a rolling basis. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your application as soon as you are able. Most processes include a 30 minute phone interview with a member of our Talent Team then a 1-2 hour final interview over Zoom unless otherwise noted by your interviewer. You can read more about our process as well as get tips on preparing for an interview here!  


Employee retention is a top priority at STRIVE Prep. Therefore we offer competitive compensation and benefits including the following:

Excellent Healthcare Plan: 100% of employee-only monthly premium paid by STRIVE Prep. 
Recognition for Years of Service: All STRIVE Prep employees will receive an additional $3,000 in their base salary after the 3rd year, 5th year, and 7th year of service at STRIVE Prep.  
Celebrated for Muli-Lingual Abilities: We value our multilingual staff and the impact they have on our students and community. Therefore, staff that speak a language spoken by our families are eligible to receive an additional $2,000 to their base salary. 
Time Off To Refresh: Industry high 6+ weeks of annual vacation/PTO. Hard work is rewarded with ample time to refresh. 
Based on hire date, employees are eligible for up to 8 days of PTO 
All employees receive 2 floating religious holidays
All employees receive summer vacation based on work location and position
Community: Opportunity to work with passionate, mission-driven colleagues who are invested in your personal and professional growth. Join one of our Affinity Groups to build connections with staff across the network who share common identities. 
Career Support: Access to our Talent Team to support internal movement. We want you to grow your career at STRIVE!
Family & Well Being Focus: Parental and medical leave of 6 weeks paid and 6 weeks unpaid for a total of 12 weeks.
Mental Health Assistance: We value the wellness of our students and staff. That’s why we offer access to mental health support through our Employee Assistance Program with Optum. 
Resources and Development For Success: Equipment provided: laptop, Weekly coaching sessions 
Retirement Planning: Participation in the Colorado PERA retirement program, including a PERA 401k option.
For more information, you can view our compensation and benefits FAQ here. 


STRIVE Prep is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or any other status protected by law or regulation. STRIVE Prep works to make a college preparatory education for all students in our community the norm, rather than the exception. To achieve this we are committed to building and sustaining a diverse team by maintaining hiring and recruiting processes that are free from bias. 

Not interested but know someone who would be a great fit? Refer them here and earn $200 for each successful hire! 

Please apply at STRIVE Prep and let us know you heard about us at National Alliance for Public Charter Schools!