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Mentor - Manager

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May 10, 2018

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The Summit Learning Mentor Manager is responsible for the adoption and continuous quality implementation of the Summit Learning Program. Each Mentor Manager will be responsible for a portfolio of schools located in several regions of the country. This role balances the daily execution of the program vision alongside the immediate goals of teachers and school leaders using Summit Learning. The Mentor Manager will report directly to a Mentor Team Leader (Senior Director) on the Summit Learning Program.

Summit Learning Mentor - Manager - Primary responsibilities include:
(1) School Portfolio Management & Intervention Planning
(2) School Visits; Convening Facilitation
(3) Program Development & Team Collaboration


What if all students graduated high school with not only content knowledge, but the habits and skills to successfully navigate college and career, with a sense of purpose to anchor them? This is the question at the core of Summit Public Schools. Summit is a public school system serving heterogeneous communities in the Bay Area and Washington State and operate 11 schools serving over 3,600 students.

We share our personalized approach to teaching and learning for free through Summit Learning, with more than 330 partner schools across the country. Summit Learning forms the foundation on which Summit’s successful schools were built, with our schools consistently ranking among the best in the nation.

Are you looking for the opportunity to lead change? Do you want to help reimagine what schools should be? We put students in the driver’s seat and empower them with the skills and habits they need to be successful in college and life. We need diverse, driven, and dynamic talent to join our growing team to help realize our educational vision.


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