Mental Health Counselor

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Mental Health Counselor

Posted date
August 26, 2019
School level

San Jose, CA

Employment Type

Counselor of Mental Health

The School Counselor will provide support managing the placement of assigned students. The counselor will also provide information and recommendations to parents and students; and assist in the development of goals and plans for achievement of all students.

Primary Responsibilities Include:

Collaborate with the Director of Special Education to develop the mental health program.
Provide guidance to school staff on mental health interventions.
Develop and execute group counseling sessions.
Manage and hold individual counseling sessions with individual students.
Conduct trainings for school staff around supporting the social/emotional needs of students.
Support school staff in addressing mental-health related behavioral challenges.
Support families in accessing outside mental health services.
Conduct risk assessments for students in crisis, and manage crisis referrals.
Serve as a partner for other staff regarding mental health and social/emotional development.

Skills & Experience Required:

Bachelor’s degree required.
Masters in counseling related field.
Four years of professional experience.
Fluent in Spanish or Vietnamese a plus.…