Marketing & Communications Manager

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Marketing & Communications Manager

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May 26, 2023

Memphis, TN

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Salary: $65,000 - $96,800 annually

Freedom Preparatory Academy

Marketing and Communications Manager


Freedom Prep Academy Charter Schools, a Memphis-based network, prepare all students in grades Pre-K through 12 to excel in college and in life. Freedom Preparatory Academy opened in August of 2009 with a class of 96 6th graders. We now serve over 2400 students in grades PreK-12. Our students have exceeded local and state averages in math and local averages in English language arts on the state exam.

We have three core beliefs that drive our mission: Every child deserves the right to a high-quality public education, a foundation in character development is essential, and direct exposure to an array of opportunities and experiences provides each child with the self-confidence and social knowledge to compete globally. We will accomplish our mission through a highly structured, academically rigorous environment where students will master the core subjects, develop advanced academic skills, and demonstrate the school’s core values of: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Excellence, and Community.


The Marketing and Communications Manager is responsible for maintaining, protecting, and growing the Freedom Prep brand messaging and identity.

The Marketing Manager will share and amplify the Freedom Prep story far and wide with audiences, both internal and external. Both a strategic brand champion and adept storyteller, the Marketing Manager will leverage paid media, unpaid media, social media, regular communication, and relationships to ensure our key audiences know who we are, what we do, what we are doing, our results, and our future.

The Marketing Manager will be a culturally conscious skilled communicator, able to both craft a technical internal memo and design a broader communications campaign targeting potential teachers, families, and



General Communications

● Create, implement and measure the success of a comprehensive marketing, communications, social media, and public relations program that will enhance amplify the organization’s identity and position within the national charter school sector and the broader education reform sector and facilitate internal and external communications

● Develop and implement strategies for the maintenance of electronic communications – including electronic newsletters, updates, and releases – and the Freedom Prep website

● Coordinate the work of outside consultants including writers, designers, and printers to ensure timely, high-quality delivery of needed materials

● Take on primary responsibility for editorial direction, design, production, and distribution of all organizational print and electronic publications.

● Performs other related duties as assigned or directed

Media Relations

● Media relations management

● Serve as lead point person on media interactions that help promote or impact the organization

● Cultivate and manage press relationships to ensure coverage of issues of strategic importance to the sector, as well as Freedom Prep's programs, special events, public announcements, and other projects

● Incorporate developments in the fields of marketing, communications, and public relations into the organization’s communications, ensuring that Freedom Prep remains relevant and innovative

● Identify challenges and emerging issues faced by the sector and organization, recognize related communications opportunities and define and execute appropriate strategies to address them

● Coordinate media interest in the organization and appropriate response to media requests

● Support the executive and senior leadership of the organization through the preparation of talking points, speeches, presentations, and other supporting material as needed

Development Communications & Marketing

● Refine and standardize the articulation (voice, tone, style) of the Freedom Prep message to ensure alignment with our mission and core values

● Create and oversee a marketing and communications plan with differentiated collateral for the diverse segments of our supporters

● Develop a system to collect and curate stories highlighting the impact of our work and the success of our community

● Assist with initiating and strengthening relationships with mission-aligned organizations and leaders

● Identify and leverage paid-media opportunities to support development goals

● Assess and report out on engagement efficacy and communications cost per acquisition

● Conduct an annual communications audit and recommend and conduct market research to test the effectiveness of external and internal communications

● Use results to evaluate current programs and formulate future plans

● Provide professional development to build the capacity of our network to communicate the Freedom Prep identity.

Internal Communications

● Oversee, or execute as needed, all copy intended for public consumption to ensure it is in alignment with the strategic communications goals

● Develop, coordinate, and oversee programs, provide technical assistance and resource materials to assist all Freedom Prep divisions in the marketing, communications, and positioning of their activities

● Develop and execute a network-wide staff communication plan that keeps employees informed and up-to-date on Freedom Prep happenings

Family Communications

● Develop and maintain a strong presence and following on Facebook and Instagram, among other family-focused social mediums

● Partner with the Regional team to maintain postings and communications that keep current and potential families engaged, interested, and involved with Freedom Prep

● Develop and execute a network-wide family communication plan that keeps families informed and up-to-date on FPCS happenings

● Oversee the translation of all family communications

Talent Recruitment

● Develop and maintain a strong presence and following on LinkedIn and Twitter, among other talent-focused social mediums

● Partner with the People team to maintain postings and communications that keep potential recruits engaged, interested, and applying


● Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university in Communications, Journalism, or a closely related field and five (5) years of directly related experience in communications or a closely related field. Experience managing multiple projects with concurrent deadlines Experience managing and executing across several communications media. Master’s Degree and social media acumen preferred.

● Excellent oral and written communication skills

● Demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in the design and execution of marketing, communications, and public relations activities

● Demonstrated experience as a manager who guides successful achievement of goals while valuing the contributions and developing the talents of others

● Demonstrated record of professional success utilizing new and innovative media methods

Ability to prioritize and use time effectively and efficiently

● Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite, WordPress, PikToChart, Canvas, WordPress and/or HTML, and InDesign or other desktop publishing software

● Strong, current knowledge of education policy issues and trends

● Strategic thinker with a passion for the Freedom Prep mission, a vision for leveraging communications to reach organizational goals, and a meticulous approach to conceiving and executing plans of action

● Ability to position communications at both the strategic and tactical levels

● Sense of creativity that infuses work with new ideas and energy

● Self-imposed orientation toward achievement that leads to producing A-level work

● Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to build relationships and collaborate with others

● Demonstrated individual initiative and flexibility including planning ahead for upcoming challenges or opportunities and managing change effectively

● Strong organizational and analytical skills including the ability to plan and execute a course of action to accomplish objectives and the use of knowledge and experience to address problems and opportunities

● Sound judgment and decision-making abilities including the utilization of a range of inputs in a logical manner to address problems in a timely and effective fashion

● Exhibits a culturally conscious lens allowing the ability to relate to and communicate with and on behalf of staff and parents from diverse cultural, language, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds

● Unwavering commitment to assets-based thinking and storytelling about our students and families

● Demonstrated commitment to the educational mission, vision, and goals of Freedom Prep

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