High School Writing Teacher

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High School Writing Teacher

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September 14, 2020

Brooklyn, NY


Ascend is at a pivotal point in its development. Having grown from a network office of seven staff to close to 100, and from four schools to 15, in seven years, and having developed a unique educational and cultural model that is driving ever-increasing academic success, Ascend has adopted a five-year growth plan to double the number of schools operated and students served. Critical to the success of this growth plan is identifying, conducting due diligence on, scoping, and undertaking renovation projects on facilities to house our new schools. Unlike the schools operated by many charter management organizations, Ascend schools are all located in privately leased facilities, and are designed to reflect our high aspirations for teaching and learning. Our facilities are modern, bright, architecturally striking, comfortable, and well-suited to our liberal arts academic program.

Ascend is a network of K-12 public charter schools serving 5,500 students across 15 schools in Central Brooklyn. Our mission is to provide our students an extraordinary education, placing them firmly on the path to success in college and beyond.

We guide our students to think critically and independently, and to enjoy education as an end in itself. We teach a rich and rigorous liberal arts curriculum that nurtures students' natural curiosity about the world. We foster a positive, non-punitive school culture where students feel connected, empowered, and safe to take academic risks. And we design our school buildings to reflect the incredible accomplishments that happen within their walls and our high aspirations for teaching and learning. Discover more about BAHS - http://www.ascendlearning.org/school/brooklyn-ascend-high-school/.


The general education teacher is responsible for the academic success and social-emotional wellbeing of a pod of 12-15 students. Additionally, the general education teacher will:

* Serve as the pod's advisory, driving both student and school culture initiatives, as well as monitoring academic progress of all advisees

* Serve as the first-point-of-contact for advisees' parents/guardians

* Provide real-time academic feedback to students during both synchronous and asynchronous instructional days

* Prepare intellectually for all courses in order to effectively support students mid-lesson

* ADAs with content experience partner with content creators to provide feedback

* Provide feedback to content creators and department chairs to strengthen virtual instruction

* Ensure accurate attendance, and partner with grade level chairs, the Operations Team, the Student Services Team, etc. to ensure strong attendance

* Communicate students' material needs to the Operations Team

* Communication students' emotional needs to the Student Services Team, and connect with clinicians

Staff and Reporting Relationships

The general education teacher reports directly to the principal. Additional collaboration occurs with other leadership team members and the Ascend network


* Expertise in teaching and working with scholars at high school level

* Bachelor's degree, with advanced degree preferred

* Strong collaboration and teamwork skills

* Superb organizational, self-management, and problem-solving skills

* Excellent communication skills (written and oral)

* Demonstrated success using data to drive instruction, with a strong understanding of pedagogy that drives results

* Insistence on academic excellence and rigor at all times

* A hunger for feedback and an openness to engage in a process of self-improvement

* Relentless drive to set and achieve ambitious achievement goals

* A high level of ownership over the success or failure of the scholars they lead, defining success in terms of academic results

* Alignment with the educational philosophy and core beliefs of Ascend Learning

* Skilled at communicating and working effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse perspectives

Diversity at Ascend

Ascend is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community, both through our hiring practices and our focus on creating a culture and environment where diverse perspectives, ideas, and identities are valued and integrated into our way of working and educating students. Ascend staff represent a wide diversity of racial, socio-economic, gender, religious, and national identities—opening a window to the entire Ascend community on the richness of humanity. We welcome all applicants who share our mission and vision to join us in our deeply consequential work.


Ascend offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package. Please visit www.ascendschools.org/careers - http://www.ascendschools.org/careers to learn more about the benefits of working at Ascend.

Apply Here: https://www.click2apply.net/jhv4q7tzhbb9bzs3