French Immersion Teacher

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French Immersion Teacher

Posted date
May 24, 2023
School level

Aurora, CO

Employment Type

23-24 School Yr - French Immersion Teacher

Global Village Academy is an innovative charter school. Students learn core content through language immersion in their choice of French, Spanish, Mandarin, or Russian (depending on the school). GVA is truly a "global village." Our immersion teachers come from all over the world, each bringing their unique culture and language into the classroom. United by a common core, students are challenged to become world class thinkers, capable of engaging ideas using multiple languages and cross-cultural perspectives, through internationally bench-marked curriculum spanning each language village.

Position Summary:

As a French Immersion Teacher, you must possess native or near native fluency in French; teach elementary school grade language, literature, writing and other core subjects to immersion students; established individual performance goals; have good student management skills; work with other Immersion team members and administration.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

Non-English speaking teachers must become bilingual and be able to work effectively in a multi-ethnic setting. Must have knowledge of literacy strategies in the native language, comply with the national standards for second language acquisition as outlined by ACTFL, and be able to teach Colorado Academic Content Standards of mathematics, science and social studies at the elementary level.
Integrated and trans-curriculum lesson planning in collaboration with your teaching team; meeting daily and/or weekly for reporting student progress based on data, curriculum evaluation and design, teaching strategies, preparation of materials, and other issues that impact lesson plans and student achievement.
Create a positive and effective school and classroom environment that supports the School's philosophy and goals and meets students' individual needs, supporting differentiated learning. This also includes creating routines, rituals and celebrations that support a sense of class and school community as well as student self-esteem and increasing independence/self-sufficiency.
Carry out daily formal or informal assessments of student achievement via various instruments, observation check lists, rubrics, testing tools, and student portfolios, and documenting student achievement through these instruments.
Integrate the assessment to design appropriate lesson planning and effective teaching strategies to accommodate diverse student needs and learning styles.
Participate in ongoing staff development that supports the curriculum and differentiated instruction, as well as the hands on problem based immersion language approach; pursuing advanced studies, certifications, and/or endorsements in bilingual, cross-cultural and language diversity education.
Supervise and support the paraprofessionals assigned to the classroom. Offer recommendations, kudos, and informal assessments for their professional development. Communicate clearly, preferably in writing, what your expectations are.
Maintain accurate attendance and other student records, including report cards, permanent records, etc. Assess and report any special needs and/or services the student may require in a timely fashion. Follow the law in reporting immediately any suspected child abuse.
Maintain the highest level of student and colleague right-to-privacy guidelines. Maintain strict confidentiality of your personal and others private (personal) or personnel information.
Be a role model of respectful behavior at all times.
Carry out student placement assessments before the academic year commences. Meeting and interviewing students and parents. Assisting in the best placement of all students.
Work closely with the administration and maintain excellent communication with parents and support public relations.
Attend school activities and support the school community. Assist in school events and fund raising projects whenever possible.
Perform other duties as requested.

Must possess a Bachelor's Degree or higher.
PLACE or PRAXIS exam in subject area preferred.

For more information, or to apply now, you must go to the website below. Please DO NOT email your resume to us as we only accept applications through our website.