Executive Director, Global Village Academy Collaborative

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Executive Director, Global Village Academy Collaborative

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May 2, 2022

Denver, CO

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ORGANIZATION: Global Village Academy Collaborative

POSITION: Executive Director

LOCATION: Denver, Colorado

REPORTS TO: GVAC Board of Directors


The Executive Director is the key management leader of Global Village Academy Collaborative. The Executive Director is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.

The successful candidate will (1) be an inspiring leader and communicator, (2) have charter school financial, legal and operational experience, (3) have an accomplished background in organizational leadership, (4) be aligned with the organization's philosophy, mission, vision, and values, and (5) have a strong commitment to diversity.

In addition, the ideal candidate must share the belief that all young people deserve access to an excellent education and have a proven track record of supporting charter school organizations. The candidate must also possess strong organizational, operational and interpersonal skills, and be a flexible and creative problem-solver.


Leadership Ensures that people and resources are allocated appropriately to achieve the organizational goals.
Establishes and leads an effective school support leadership team in a manner that engages and empowers others to take action and responsibility to achieve results.
Effectively leads GVAC to provide high-value, cost-effective support services for GVAC member charter schools.
Supports the ongoing efforts of GVAC member schools to improve academic performance by providing resources, guidance and other assets as needed.
Articulates mission, values, and behavioral expectations that drive operational and organizational excellence in serving GVAC member schools.
Leads staff in maintaining a climate of excellence, accountability, and respect.
Builds a culture defined by integrity, rigor, inspiration, and motivation for staff. 

Develops a clear direction and shared purpose that guides and unifies all stakeholders
Leads by example:
Assumes responsibility for his/her own professional growth and development through membership and participation in the affairs of professional organizations, through attendance at regional, state, and national meetings. 

Demonstrates personal growth and development and sets an example for others by seeking and reflecting on feedback and experiences. 

Keeps abreast of changes and developments in the profession by attending professional meetings, reading professional journals, and discussing problems of mutual interest with others in the field.
2.Strategic and Organizational Planning Ensures that frameworks and practices are in place to ensure regular cycles of long-range strategic planning and annual goal setting that incorporates data on school performance and stakeholder feedback.

Establishes a strategic plan, operational goals, and operational standards to support GVAC member schools.
Drives a collaborative planning process with the school leadership teams that results in the development of yearly operational and financial goals that are aligned with each GVAC member charter school's academic and operational goals.
Provides support, guidance and resources to school leadership that results in the development of yearly academic goals at each GVAC member charter school.

Ensures that programs and activities are developed, executed, and/or modified, to maximize mission impact. 

Ensures processes are in place to assess organizational performance and to support planning for ongoing GVAC organizational improvement.
Supports an ongoing process of data collection to gain information that assists the school leadership team in determining the future needs of students.
Develops, articulates, and maintains policies and procedures that are consistent with GVAC and member school's mission, vision, philosophy, and goals. 

Emphasizes student achievement as the primary outcome of schooling and ensures that the GVAC organization is aligned to maximize this outcome. 

Oversees and supports the development, design and delivery of program initiatives, assuring that the goals and objectives are aligned with the GVAC's overall strategic plan.
Supervises all aspects of legal and charter compliance including keeping abreast of legislative issues and developments. 

Works with GVAC staff, finance committee, and Board to prepare budgets, monitor progress, and initiate changes as appropriate. 

Positive Organizational Culture Ensures the development of an explicit shared vision for the organization that incorporates the voices and perspectives of diverse stakeholders and opinions.
Fosters open communications among staff and respects differences of opinion.
Effectively delegates decision making and problem solving to appropriate personnel.
Listens to and responds appropriately to staff, school, student, parent, and community concerns. 

Includes various stakeholders in decision making where appropriate. 

Clearly communicates decisions and rationale to all affected. 

Promotes a climate of professional collegiality and respect. 

Board Partnership Works collaboratively with the GVAC Board.
Partners with Board to:
Understand roles and responsibilities;
Update By-Laws and GVAC Policies;
Develop and monitor a Strategic Plan including review of Vision and Mission;
Identify and cultivate a diverse Board that is representative of stakeholders.
Promotes understanding and good-working relationships between the Board and staff. 

Provides direction and facilitates communication with the Board on all school related matters. 

Provides pertinent information and reporting to the Board. 

Recommends needed policy changes and action. 

Marketing, Grants, and Fundraising'Works collaboratively with the Board to advance a clearly defined plan that guides all marketing and fundraising strategies employed.
Develops a strategic marketing plan that provides a clear and concise message. 

Establishes positive relationships with individual donors and institutional funders.
Oversees the execution of marketing and media relations. 

Serves as primary spokesperson to all audiences (government, media, funders, and community partners). 

Administration and Human Resources'Works to ensure that the principles of best practice and integrity guide all school operations.
Recruits and retains a highly qualified staff with diverse experiences, backgrounds, and perspectives that support the school's mission.
Supervises hiring/firing of all personnel. 

Ensures compliance of all policies, procedures, and directions. 

Ensures compliance with relevant workplace and employment laws. 

Ensures that job descriptions are developed and that regular performance reviews are completed and documented. 

Community Relations Ensures robust parent and community engagement that supports students' success and the school community.
Develops and nurtures community relationships and maintains a positive image of the organization in the community. 

Directs the development of plans to promote good relations between the organization and the community. 

Promotes effective communication between parents and stakeholders, and the organization.
Establishes and makes use of working relationships with peer schools and develops and maintains connections with local, state, and national organizations. 
Participates in community affairs that promotes the school's mission.


A Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience required; Master's degree preferred.
Colorado Administrator or Principal License preferred
Demonstrated personnel and organizational management of a department.
Two or more years of Senior Leadership experience in a Charter School operational or financial capacity; three years or more preferred.
Budget management experience and skills: analysis, decision-making and reporting
Strong organizational abilities: planning, delegating, development and task facilitation
Ability to convey an inspiring vision of the strategic future to all stakeholder groups.
Skilled in collaborative decision-making with stakeholder groups: board, volunteers, staff
Exceptional written and oral communication skills
Demonstrated ability to manage, supervise, and collaborate with staff
Capability to think clearly and stay focused under pressure

The pay range for this position is $125,000 - $170,000. Our benefits summary can be found at https://4.files.edl.io/fdd6/07/22/21/193416-c38dd7a7-fcac-4745-b56e-d4a….

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