English Teacher (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

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English Teacher (Fort Walton Beach, FL)

Posted date
July 10, 2019
School level
Employment Type

• Valid Florida Educator Certificate in assigned subject
• Physically, mentally, and emotionally capable of performing required tasks and duties essential to the position
• Demonstrated knowledge, ability and commitment to students’ educational progress

Classroom Performance Responsibilities:
A. Instruction
1. Adhere to approved curriculum using effective teaching strategies and techniques and demonstrating current content knowledge and pedagogical expertise.
2. Prepare lessons and instructional materials in advance.
3. Submit weekly lesson plans.
4. Maintain prompt and accurate daily attendance reports, grades, and other documentation as directed
5. Conduct appropriate student evaluations daily, weekly, and end of grading periods and use the data to drive instructional decisions.
6. Administer and supervise standardized testing.
7. Submit all reports, grades and other data accurately and before the deadline.
8. Participate in professional development activities on and off campus to support continued professional growth and improve instructional expertise.
9. Demonstrate effective teaching techniques and implement effective strategies for individual learning styles and academic levels.
10. Provide interesting, challenging, learning activities applicable to real-life situations and appropriate for student’s performance and age level.
B. Classroom Climate
1. Maintain appropriate and effective classroom discipline.
2. Respond to student misbehavior appropriately and in a manner which respects the student’s dignity.
3. Maintain a positive, supportive classroom environment where students feel safe, secure, and supported.
4. Maintain contact with student’s family/guardians-hold conferences as appropriate.
5. Supervise students on arrival, breaks, departure, at all times.
6. Serve as a positive role model for dress, language and behavior with students.
C. Communication
1. Notify parents of academic/behavioral progress at regular intervals throughout each grading period.
2. Notify student’s parents/guardians when student is habitually absent.
3. Communicate professionally at all times, be respectful and maintain student’s dignity.
D. Other
1. Submit written requests for supplies and equipment.
2. Participate in faculty meetings, staff development activities, school functions & duties
3. Perform other duties as assigned by the administrator

Responsibilities as a Professional Employee:
1. Maintain professional personal appearance
2. Follow provisions of Employee Manual, Florida Code of Ethics, District Code of Conduct and Progress Plan for students, School Plan for Health and Safety and other policies/procedures
3. Attend workshops/training as appropriate to enhance performance of duties
4. Seek advice when necessary to make appropriate decisions; Use school resources prudently
5. Evaluate problems objectively and identify appropriate solutions; Contribute to resolution of conflicts
6. Be flexible and adapt to changes in order to accomplish the mission of the school
7. Work and plan with colleagues for mutual learning, planning, use of resources
8. Foster positive teamwork with colleagues
9. Accept and follow instructions/direction consistently and without delay
10. Be prompt, report to work on time, and remain for the total workday