Elementary Teacher/Guide

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Elementary Teacher/Guide

Posted date
May 12, 2022


Employment Type
Full time / part time

Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School (BMPCS) is located in the heart of Baltimore City’s historic Greenmount West community. Propelled by the belief that all children deserve access to a high-quality Montessori education regardless of income status, and inspired by the growing number of public Montessori schools around the country, Baltimore Montessori was founded in 2008. Today, we serve a diverse and vibrant community of 560 students in PreK(3’s) through 8th grade. Our school features a Seed to Table program, a beautiful outdoor environment, a rehabilitated historic building, a talented and dedicated staff, a supportive and visionary administration, and a dynamic and engaged parent community. As part of a school-wide commitment to lifelong learning, we cultivate strategic partnerships to bolster our capacity and promote the exchange of best practices. With a waiting list of over 600 students, Baltimore Montessori Public is Baltimore City’s only public Montessori school. For more information about our school, please visit bmpcs.org.

Baltimore Montessori Public Charter School is seeking a Lead Teacher/Guide for a mixed-age elementary classroom. The ideal candidate is a creative, energetic, and flexible lifelong learner committed to meeting the needs of every child in a collaborative and inclusive environment, and believes all children should have access to a high quality Montessori education.

Elementary Lead Teacher roles and responsibilities include:

Preparation and Management - virtual or in-person as appropriate
- Build a strong classroom community with positive communication skills, grace and courtesy lessons, and community meetings based on the school’s core values
- Create an engaging, student-centered environment where there is provision for individual, small and large group work
- Prepare and maintain a clean and orderly environment - materials are complete, well maintained, accessible and in proper sequence
- Provide an attractive learning environment with thoughtful displays of art and student work
- Incorporate pets, plants, soft lighting, peaceful areas and practical life activities
- Submit a substitute plan by the second week of school and weekly schedule to the office and Principal by the first day of school
- Provide notice and information as per field trip approval form to the office
- Comply with state, district and school policies and procedures, report any possible deviations
- Guide students in leading community meetings/circles/songs daily
- Support school mission and personal growth by taking leadership roles within the school

Teaching and Learning
- Provide gradual release of responsibility from small group, explicit instruction to guided practice to differentiated independent work
- Record lessons and progress on weekly basis
- Foster equitable participation in lessons and ensure engagement of all students
- Integrate and document recommended interventions for struggling learners and required accommodations for students with IEPs or 504s. Collaborate with specialists regularly
- Analyze and use data from a variety of assessments to determine students’ strengths and needs, to plan appropriate lessons and follow-up work, adjust instruction and to monitor progress
- Provide a culturally relevant, literacy-rich learning environment with a variety of print materials appealing to diverse levels, learning styles and interests
- Stay abreast of current research based educational best practices aligned with the Montessori method
- Integrate Common Core Standards within the Montessori framework
- Be open to new curriculum ideas that are relevant to our students’ interests
- Integrate higher order thinking strategies/questions/discussions into daily curriculum
- Plan daily reading and writing work for students using various materials (Waseca, leveled readers, literature, Fountas and Pinnell, phonics program)
- Provide ample opportunities for students to connect with new vocabulary and experience in multisensory ways based on prior experience and applying to real life context
- Provide daily math practice for students connected to lessons, seminar or projects
- Facilitate explicit opportunities for building critical thinking skills and collaborative work opportunities
- Work with each student to develop personal learning goals, encourage self-reflection and provide ongoing feedback to encourage high quality work
- Provide regular conferencing and feedback
- Integrate the garden, cooking, outdoors, art, movement, and area resources into instruction
- Use the Epic Project Planning Tool for clear expectations and student reflection with projects
- Integrate arts integration and cultural studies that are enriching and engaging
- Expose students to other cultures and current event issues
- Conference with each student at least monthly to develop and reflect on goals and discuss support needed
- Ensure accurate completion of attendance daily
- Notify parents and Principal of attendance and tardiness concerns

Assessment and Use of Data
- Set aside time to observe students weekly
- Maintain electronic portfolio for each student
- Implement Math and ELA benchmark assessments and progress monitoring - ie. Amplify
- Use multiple formative and summative measures to plan lessons, instructional adjustments, intervention, and progress monitoring
- Create ambitious and realistic Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) according to required timelines and guidance
- Submit progress reports in a timely, comprehensive, personalized, and well written manner
- Complete level target document at year-end
- Continue to collaborate on the planning and implementation of the social studies and science curriculum

Communication and Collaboration
- Build an open and trusting relationship with each child and family
- Send weekly newsletter to families via Classroom Parent
- Send monthly communication to each family regarding their child’s personalized work - document in Google doc shared with admin
- Promptly communicate student concerns to parents/guardians in a private, respectable manner
- Plan, encourage and document parent participation in conferences three times a year – Fall, Winter and Spring - or as needed
- Be sensitive to multiple household families and those without email and work to communicate with all
- Increase cultural competence to work effectively with families of all backgrounds
- Respond to emails within 24 hours – weekends and holidays excluded. Copy admin on concerning emails
- Address concerns through a direct conversation, free of emotion or judgment, ask questions
- Ask for help when needed
- Participate in regular evaluation process - observations, feedback conferences, self-evaluation, and goal setting to refine practice
- Maintain regular communication with support staff re: lessons, planning, student support, etc.

Professional Growth
- Be prepared to actively participate in level meetings each week
- Be open and present to actively participate in equity PDs and other school PDs and staff meetings
- Seek resources and ask for help for those requirements or areas of curriculum that are not your strength
- Stay abreast of current research and stay connected in the Montessori community.

Qualifications: Candidates must be eligible for a State of Maryland teaching certificate and be willing to work toward Montessori certification.

Compensation: We offer a competitive compensation package, including a salary in line with Baltimore City Public Schools, and comprehensive health benefits.

BMPCS is managed and directed by the non-profit organization, Baltimore Montessori Inc. (BMI), which holds and is responsible for the school’s charter contract. BMI and BMPCS are committed to providing an equitable and inclusive environment that supports the well-being of all students, families, and staff in our community.