Chief Academic Officer

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Chief Academic Officer

Posted date
April 28, 2022

Tempe, AZ

Employment Type
Full time / part time

About the Organization

AMS Impact Group, CMO for Academies of Math and Science, is a network of 10 K-8 charter schools in Arizona serving approximately 9000 scholars in all low-income, minority neighborhoods. The mission of the Academies of Math and Science is to transform today's scholars into tomorrow's global visionaries. As Arizona's largest low-income K-8 charter school operator, since inception, we have specifically chosen to expand to underserved communities with the desire to create a program of choice for hardworking scholars and parents that hold a belief that education makes THE difference in children's lives. For more information about our founding, see here:

About the Role

AMS Impact Group is seeking a talented and dynamic executive instructional leader to continue to create and elevate the network's success with improving educational outcomes for scholars that need it the most. The CAO will lead the network to move from its current performance of outperforming 85% of nearby schools to 95% of nearby schools and all schools with a similar demographic in the state of Arizona. In partnership with the CEO, the CAO will update and revise goals as necessary and implement the 7 Levers of Leadership in addition to revise/select effective curriculum in order to achieve outstanding scholar growth and retention; teacher growth, retention, and promotion; and leader growth, retention, and promotion outcomes. This role reports directly to the CEO. Direct reports for role will include:
- 3 Regional Director of Schools (with 2 serving cross functional roles in teaching and leadership development)
- Director of Curriculum (who manages a team of approximately 12 including content experts and assessment)
- Director of Special Education
- Deputy Director of Social and Emotional Learning

The ideal candidate:
- Is a model of passion for craft, professionalism, kindness, and accountability across the organization.
- Embodies great coaching, leadership, and pedagogical practices, and loves to model, provide feedback, and coach others.
- Believes that great curriculum, teaching, and leadership make the critical difference in scholar achievement.
- Is committed to great school management that leads to high levels of leader and teacher retention.
- Believes that teaching is a complex science that can be trained and taught by those willing to take on the challenge through exceptional professional development and coaching.
- Has demonstrated success identifying and remedying instructional issues both from a management perspective as well as a design perspective (such as with curriculum).
- Thinks systematically about school and system wide issues and demonstrates strength in improving practices organization-wide.
- Is a creative problem-solver with a solutions orientation.
- Demonstrates strength and ability to organize and execute ambitious plans related to staff culture, teacher and leader development, and curriculum.
- Is a prolific learner, constantly seeking out evidence-based practices to implement and use. and develops themselves by learning from other strong leaders/networks.
- Enjoys being a hands-on leader when required, but knows when to delegate, utilize, and model shared leadership.

Key responsibilities for the CAO role include:
- Strategic Instructional and Cultural Leadership
- Serving as a member of the executive team; advising on the strategic direction of the organization/schools alongside the CEO, COO, CFO, and CIO.
- Ensuring ongoing development and execution of strategic initiatives that include the network's professional development, teacher and leader coaching, data analysis, instructional planning, and curriculum (including selection, revision, and implementation).
- Enabling strong execution of all AMS academic systems, while continuously securing feedback from all stakeholders to ensure scholar, teacher, and leadership needs are met.
- Leading and supporting school leaders to achieve all KPIs including staff and scholar culture, scholar achievement, and teacher and leader development. The network seeks to outperform 95%+ of nearby schools and schools with similar demographics.
- Ensuring each school leader is continuously focusing on the highest-leverage priorities by observing campuses; coaching of Director of Schools and school leaders; and modeling and leading effective data meetings, common planning, real-time feedback, professional development, leadership team meetings, 1:1s, and other high-leverage touch points.
- Resolving high-level parent issues that are directed to management/board.

People Management
- Hiring all Direct Reports as well as approving the promotion/hire of Principals.
- Leading and/or overseeing the quality of professional development for network staff and school leaders as necessary based on strategic initiatives and perceived gaps.
- Managing and coaching all direct reports.

Operational Leadership
- Working alongside the COO to support the operational functions of each school including: new scholar enrollment and facilities.
- Overseeing revision of policies as required based on new state and federal guidance.
- Overseeing partnership between, and communications to, Charter Authorizer and Arizona Department of Education.
- Overseeing all program compliance based on state and federal requirements including MOWR, EL & AZELLA, TIA, Title I Cycle reviews, ASBCS site visits, state testing, etc.

Qualifications: The ideal candidate will possess most or all of the following attributes
- Demonstrated track record of excellence as a principal, regional director, or executive leading schools to outperform neighborhood schools (95th percentile as measured against schools with similar demographic compositions).
- Minimum 3 years experience supervising and coaching principals.
- Minimum 3 years experience in network director role leading curriculum, assessment, and/or instruction.
- Executive leadership experience.
- Demonstrated evidence turning around underperforming campuses and taking campuses from good to great.
- Demonstrated track record of developing leaders, evidenced through promotion of their staff. For example, assistant principals becoming principals, principals becoming regional directors, etc.
- Mastery of pedagogical practices in TLAC, Get Better Faster, Leverage Leadership. Compilation of a formal course of study through Relay Graduate School, Building Excellent Schools, Achievement First - Incubator, or another program that has a track record of excellence preparing educators to substantially increase achievement of scholars in low-income communities is preferred.
- Demonstrated strength in project management skills with an ability to take feedback from multiple sources (network, school leadership, and teachers), come up with strategic initiatives, and break down strategic initiatives into implementable projects.
- BA/BS required. Higher levels of education are preferred, but not required.

Salary range - $180,000-240,000 commensurate with results/experience and $15k bonus.
Fully paid employee benefits including medical, dental, short/long term disability, and life insurance; optional low-cost vision insurance and 401k retirement plan (with 4% employer match)