Charter Growth, Transformation, and Innovation

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Charter Growth, Transformation, and Innovation

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September 16, 2019
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Houston, TX

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Good Reason Houston is seeking a Managing Director, Charter School Development who is a proven leader in the recruitment, selection, development, and scaling of new schools and/or school networks, is results-oriented, passionate about the role high-quality charter schools play in a robust ecosystem, and excited about working in a start-up environment.

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The Managing Director will have the unique opportunity to impact Houston’s charter school landscape, and ultimately influence student outcomes at a city-wide level. The role will drive partnerships with existing CMOs, facilitate the expansion, launch, and/or improvement of small charter networks and single-site schools, and provide supports and expertise to new (first-year) schools and leaders. This role will build partnerships with national, state, and local leaders and community partners seeking to start new charter schools and liaise with the Texas Education Association. Finally, this role will lead conversations with school districts to accelerate the creation of charter district/partnerships and increase access to high-quality charters that are responsive to parent demand in new communities.

This position reports to the Chief Program Officer and will play a vital role in ensuring that Good Reason Houston realizes its vision that every child, in every neighborhood, excels in a world-class public school and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow.


This role will evolve to meet the needs of the Good Reason Houston strategy and as the education landscape in the state and region shifts. Current responsibilities include:

Strategy Setting and Leadership of the Good Reason Houston charter school seats plan:

Execute against the current Good Reason Houston charter school seats plan, and develop, maintain, and create new strategies to ensure its success
Build and maintain strategic relationships with CMO, small network and single-site leadership across the city
Build and maintain a strong relationship with the TEA Charter Schools Division, forging a relationship that benefits Houston and encourages high-quality charter school growth
Provide technical assistance to all partners and recruit a suite of technical assistance support partners, per our charter school strategy
Define additional opportunities along the development pipeline to support growth of a high-quality sector, including the use and execution of our quality school deserts
Determine and coordinate outreach and parent engagement as necessary, and in partnership with charter advocates, to support policies and practices that benefit the health and growth the sector.
Engaging large CMOs and supporting their growth plans:

Build and maintain strategic relationships with CMO leadership
Support the launch of new mature network campuses
Support the creation and strengthening of bench depth for assistant principals and principals and the development and recruitment of teachers into Houston, ensuring CMO growth strategies are executed
Support the development of parent engagement capacity and advocacy trainings, through professional learning communities
Actively and strategically support new schools and small charter networks to ensure their growth plans are met, and that they have access to the technical assistance they need to be successful, including:

Curate a suite of resources, delivered by proven experts that can provide facilities, growth planning, and admin systems/scaling support while leaders focus on growth
Build a professional learning community focused on the development of community and family engagement at the school and network level
Provide small networks with the central office development support they need to be successful in their growth
Utilize the Good Reason Houston school desert analysis to understand growth opportunities and support networks in their decision making
Invest in community engagement and entry strategies for supported operators, ensuring their success in years zero and one
Recruit new, innovative models to Houston based on parent demand, and ensuring authorization approval with the TEA and buy-in of local stakeholders

Recruit and source new school model providers and school leaders for school creation and school turnaround

Identify, vet, and cultivate new partners that can provide comprehensive leadership training and coaching


We’re seeking candidates who excel in relationship-building, are results-oriented, and have strong project management skills. You should have:

A track record of developing and maintaining strong relationships with and among a diverse group of stakeholders
Excellent organizational skills, with a demonstrated commitment to meeting a high bar and a history of getting things done even in the face of obstacles and ambiguity. As Good Reason Houston is in “start-up mode,” we look for candidates who can be flexible in changing environments
A data and research orientation, including a curiosity and urgency around data collection and analysis, and its ability to inform decision making
Experience managing multiple projects and the ability to manage teammates and stakeholders on short-term projects
Passion about the mission, vision, and goals of Good Reason Houston and how this position contributes to the organization’s success
Knowledge of the charter school development and start-up process, preferably as a practitioner in a prior role; experience working with charter schools is required
Ability to fulfill the required responsibilities of being a senior leader on the Good Reason Houston Team, which includes:
Strong organizational skills – Utilizes logical, systematic and orderly procedures to meet objectives. Demonstrates ability to manage multiple projects and work streams independently.
Flexibility – Agility in adapting to change, thrives in a dynamic and ever-changing environment; creativity and innovative thinking skills to respond to emerging needs.
Strategic mindset – competently creates strategies that lead to impact. Manages multiple short-term and detailed projects, committees, and initiatives seamlessly, while staying focused on the long-term objectives.
People orientation – The job demands a positive and constructive view of working with others. There will be a high percentage of time spent listening to, understanding, and successfully working with a wide range of people from diverse backgrounds to achieve “win-win” outcomes.
Effective decision-making – Demonstrates ability to consistently make sound decisions.
Empathy in leadership – Deep care and concern for being a conscientious and effective manager of others


Good Reason Houston’s vision is that every child, in every neighborhood, excels in a world-class public school and thrives in the Houston of tomorrow. The organization partners with school districts, community leaders, families, and educators to achieve its mission of increasing the number of students learning in a high-performing school. To grow more great schools in every neighborhood in Houston, the organization focuses on four key strategic levers: Driving System Innovation, Developing Game-changing Educators, Advancing Equitable Access, and Engaging the Community.

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