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Art Teacher

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May 10, 2020

Washington, DC

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Are you interested in working with an organization that is transforming the way America cares for and educates its children?

The Children’s Guild DC Public Charter School is seeking a creative, flexible Art Teacher to join our team of seasoned educators. Reporting to the Director of Educational Services, the Art Teacher will contribute to the assessment and emotional development of students as they learn appreciation of and develop skills in art. The successful candidate will encourage creativity and self-expression among students, provide developmentally appropriate instruction on art techniques, and supervise lessons to ensure that students interact in a respectful, supportive manner.

This position is a 40 hour per week, 10-month per year position and some evening meetings may be required.

​​​​​​​About Us
The Children's Guild Alliance is a nonprofit organization serving children, families, and child-serving organizations. We are dedicated to transforming how America educates and cares for its children through education, behavioral health, national training, and consultation services. Affiliates of The Children's Guild Alliance include The Children's Guild, Monarch Academy public charter and contract schools, Monarch Preschool College Park, TranZed Academy for Working Students, TranZed Apprenticeships, The Children's Guild DC Public Charter School, Transformation Education Institute, and The National Children's Guild Fund. We are among the most experienced child-serving organizations in the Greater Baltimore/Washington region and are currently expanding in national and international programs. Each year, the agency's continuum of care and hundreds of professional staff help thousands of youth and young adults and their families achieve excel and succeed. We operate public charter and contract schools; special education schools; preschool; apprenticeships, and pre-career programs; therapeutic group homes; treatment foster care; and behavior health services. We invite you to be part of our innovative team!   

Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts
DC teaching certification preferred

The School Art Teacher is accountable to the Principal for the planning/design of intervention strategies and, as a core team member, for the following key performance areas:

Key Result Area #1 Instruction:
Integrated, thematic lessons are provided congruent with the common core standards.
The teacher utilizes a variety of instructional methodologies to meet the needs of diverse learners.
Individualized Education Programs for all assigned students are fully developed and implemented.
Lesson plans are developed and implemented to address the students’ learning deficits on a daily basis.
Current curriculum is expanded and adapted to meet students’ needs.
Classroom management meets the needs of the student and the group.
The teacher participates in on-going supervision.
Utilize technology to support instruction.

Key Result Area #2 Teamwork:
Team member (teacher, teaching assistant, clinician, classroom assistants and one to ones) roles are clearly delineated and effectively carried out.
External support for unique student situations is sought.
The team embraces the holistic delivery of services.
Effective communication with other team members is carried out through active listening and reflection.
Team members are responsible to hold one another accountable by making the covert overt in an effort to be effective with the students.
Parent and/or significant others are involved as a partner in the student’s educational program.

Key Result Area #3 Leadership:
Provide inspiration and direction to The Children’s Guild Alliance.
Model best practices.
Accountable to outcome measures.
Collegial approach to teaching is practiced.
Serve as a guide and mentor to students and peers.

Key Result Area #4 Documentation:
Documentation related to regulatory, licensing and funding bodies is completed in a thorough and timely manner.
Agency-related documentation, such as student attendance, team meeting minutes, progress summaries, IEP’s, report cards, behavior observations, high risk and abuse reports, correspondence, crisis intervention, functional behavioral assessment, portfolio management, skill streaming and behavior intervention plans is completed in a thorough and timely manner.
Computer competencies for documentation and communication.

Key Result Area # 5 Professional Development:
Participate in and graduate from The Children’s Guild’s Pre-Service Training Program.
Participate in campus in-service trainings and agency in-service trainings.
Certification and continuing educational requirements are met.

Key Result Area #6 Additional Expectations:
Demonstrated understanding of the philosophy and mission of The Children’s Guild.
Successful completion of the Pre-service Training Program.
Successful completion and demonstrated competency with the prescribed behavior management program.
The Children’s Guild  demonstrates an awareness of, respect for, and attention to the diversity of the people with whom it interacts (persons served, personnel, families/caregivers, and other stakeholders) that are reflected in attitudes, organizational structures, policies, and services.