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Academic Interventionist

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January 26, 2021

Philadelphia, PA

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Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School (SLA) was founded to address the need for community access to exceptional, leadership based education in the heart of southwest Philadelphia. Currently, Southwest Leadership Academy Charter School supports over 600 students in grades K-8 in single sex classrooms, leveraging research from the world- renowned Gurian Institute around socio-emotional learning and differentiation between the sexes, fueling growth, leadership and engagement for all students. Classrooms in grades K-2 are supported by two educators from the SLA team – a lead teacher as well as an apprentice teacher, translating to more 1:1 student/teacher instructional time as well as increased opportunities for differentiated instruction for students.


At SLA, we believe that every child:

Is a developing leader waiting to be fostered.
Is capable of high academic achievement.
Can positively impact and contribute to the school and community.
Needs a positive and hopeful definition of reality in order to succeed
We understand the importance of a collaborative learning environment between teachers, parents, and school staff in setting up every child’s educational success.


SLA is committed to building talented and committed cadres of teachers charged with the skills to develop leaders by empowering scholars to change the factors that define their reality. Our staff will work with students to develop the leadership skills necessary to drive complete community rejuvenation in Southwest Philadelphia. In developing these skills, students will cultivate an array of leadership components that they can apply to community change on a global scale.

Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
Appropriate Instructional I or Instructional II Pennsylvania Teaching Certificate, Temporary Teaching Certificate, or valid out of state license for the given subject area for which you are teaching.
Required criminal history background check, physical and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university either in education or in content areas (e.g. Math, Science)
Appropriate In Instructional I or II
At least (2) years of urban teaching experience
Experience in leading out of school time learning opportunities (e.g. serving as a coach, tutoring, mentoring, club leader)
Experience working with small groups and providing individualized instruction.
Proficient in various online instructional programs including but not limited to: Google Classroom, Google Suites, Powerschool SIS, Renaissance Place, Zoom, Deanslist, etc.
Familiarity with online curriculum platforms such as Think Central, Great Minds, etc.

An Academic Interventionist is charged with providing instruction to our students and is specifically responsible for, but not limited to:

Implement instruction according to the school’s educational goals and objectives by focusing on high standards and achievement for all students including those who are ELL and/or receive special education services.
-Conduct three (3) Research Methods classes per day
-Meet and instruct small groups in Grades 3-8 (in Math, Reading, Writing) as assigned leveraging school curriculum and texts and other support materials as needed.
-Prepare, leverage and provide feedback to students regarding their assignments.
-Utilize Instructional Planning Reports to design effective learning opportunities for students.
-Encourage students to set and maintain standards of behavior needed to achieve.
-Maintain functional learning atmosphere in the classroom.
-Provide for continuous evaluation of student progress consistent with school established goals and policies.
-Maintain student records and other pertinent data as determined by the school.
-Facilitate students’ progress and growth toward stated objectives of instruction within the limits of the resources provided by the school.
-Attend all professional development, team planning and data analysis meetings as needed
Assist the Assistant Principal with the 3-8 grade Benchmark Testing Coordination, Administration, Reports
-Serve as a member of the Student Support team with the Principal or designee.
-Provide support in common areas during arrival, dismissal, and lunch.

An ideal candidate for this role will demonstrate the following and/or have experiences with:

-Commitment to the success of all SLACS students and specifically to raising the academic achievement of children in high-poverty communities and/ or children with special needs;
-Desire to grow professionally and seek out new opportunities to learn; and integrity and clarity in all communications and interactions
-Ability to use data to inform instruction
-Excellent oral and written communication skills.
-Ability to work independently and manage multiple responsibilities simultaneously.
-Outstanding interpersonal and teamwork skills.
-Ability to critically assess challenges and identify effective instructional/behavioral solutions to support the success of each of his or her students.
-Exceptional classroom management skills.
-Flexible, optimistic approach; committed to overcoming challenges; comfortable with ambiguity.
-Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment.
-Strong working knowledge of technology used to differentiate instruction for students.


Competitive salary based on education and experience.
SLA aligns to the School District of Philadelphia’s pay scale.

-Medical, Dental and Vision Plan
-Flexible Spending Account
-401K Matching Plan

-Ten (10) Months, non-tenureable position