2018-2019 High School Single Subject Eligibility Pool (Math/Science/English/Social Science)

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2018-2019 High School Single Subject Eligibility Pool (Math/Science/English/Social Science)

Posted date
May 16, 2018
School level

Oakland, CA

Employment Type

Provide a high quality instruction within a small school environment where every student is known and valued as an individual; uphold the mission and values of American Indian Model Schools (AIMS) and contribute to our goal that every student in California has access to a high quality public education.

-Establish a culture of high expectations that includes the shared belief that every student will attend college.
-Develop and implement lesson plans and classroom activities aligned with Common Core Standards and AIMS Instructional Guidelines.
-Assess students regularly and analyze student results; refine and differentiate classroom instruction based on assessment data and student needs.
-Collaborate with colleagues to improve instructional practices throughout the school; share best practices.
-Communicate regularly with students and their families about classroom activities and student progress.
-Involve parents and guardians as partners in their students’ education.
-Manage student behavior to ensure every student is fully engaged.
-Actively participate in professional development activities, and work closely with Head of School and Dean.
-Maintain accurate student records including attendance.
-Identify unique student needs and collaborate with team members to effectively address those needs.
-Support the mission, vision, and core values of AIM Schools.
-Perform other related duties as required and assigned from Head of School and Deans.
-Flexibility of schedule to accommodate monthly Saturday School, Summer School, as well as additional after school tutoring
-At the least, a 1 year commitment. A 3 year commitment is preferred and is eligible for a bonus at the end of the term.


1) Required knowledge, skills & abilities:
-Knowledge and application of child cognitive development and various learning styles
-Knowledge of various subject matter, including Common Core Standards and subject-specific frameworks
-Understanding and ability to create assessments according to standards every 6-8 weeks
-Ability and willingness to implement AIMS Instructional Guidelines and Best Practices
-Aptitude to analyze qualitative and quantitative student data to inform next phase of teaching
-Capacity and willingness to reflect and improve instructional practices to better serve students
-Ability to collaborate with colleagues, parents and community
-Computer and Internet search skills

2) Minimum educational level:
-Bachelors’ degree
-Valid California Teaching Credential: Single Subject Math, Science, English, Social Science
-English Language Learner Authorization required

3) Experience required:
-1+ year working with students as a teacher, teacher intern, or teaching assistant preferred