10th Grade English Teacher

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10th Grade English Teacher

Posted date
January 24, 2019
School level

Memphis, TN

Employment Type

Position: 10th grade English teacher
Reports to: Principal
Application Deadline: Until Position is Filled
Start Date: Prior to the beginning of the school year, staff will be engaged in periodic professional learning opportunities. July 1st is official start date.

Answering the Call

Feeling trapped in the box of the traditional educational model? Ready to rethink high school? Wouldn’t it be cool if you could teach in a super school that cultivates students’ creativity and makes learning relevant through real-world experiences? A school in which the content standards are the floor and not the ceiling? A school in which relationships are valued more than compliance? Well, here’s your chance!

Crosstown High is now accepting applications for teachers and support staff. We are searching for individuals who are comfortable working in an exciting, growing environment, who are risk-takers and are driven to imagine and explore the limitless possibilities for our students, and who are committed to providing an engaging, yet rigorous, project-based and competency-based approach to teaching and learning. Successful candidates will be highly collaborative, yet independent thinkers, and will be comfortable “co-working” with their professional peers and community partners. Do you want to teach your students on a deeper level and facilitate opportunities for them to develop their passions beyond the core content? You’ll be able to do just that at Crosstown High where every adult is a teacher, a counselor, and an advisor. Our diverse, student-centered school is seeking educators who will facilitate “learning that encourages original thinking for an uncertain world”, and will work to develop our young learners as “generous collaborators for tough problems”. If you’re tired of the box of tradition, apply to teach at Crosstown High, where the box does not exist.

Roles and responsibilities

- Work collaboratively with colleagues and community partners in a co-taught, interdisciplinary instructional setting, to design high quality, purposeful and meaningful learning experiences for students through a project-based or problem-based approach
- Attend and participate in curriculum design and planning sessions
- Teach or provide staff support for semester-long “Explore Sessions” which expose students to a wide array of new skills and interests and help them use those skills in projects that somehow make an impact on the community.
- Develop meaningful and supportive relationships with students through a positive youth development and restorative justice lens
- Facilitate an advisory group of 12-15 students
- Participate in Professional Learning Communities, Critical Friends Groups, and Student Support sessions
- Develop and maintain positive relationships and communication with parents and families
- Monitor students’ progress towards performance outcomes, personal learning goals, and the 12 XTH Competencies
- Other duties as deemed necessary by the principal to support and strengthen the community
- Bring your “A game” and have fun. It’s what we do at Crosstown High!

The strongest candidates will have the following certifications, skills, and experiences:

- An undeniable enthusiasm for and commitment to authentically engaging youth
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills
- Exceptional organizational and planning skills
- Teacher applicants must have TN Educator Licensure/Endorsements or equivalent Out-of-State Licensure/Endorsements (If hired, out-of-state candidates must obtain necessary TN licensure.)
- Paraprofessional applicants must be Highly Qualified (50 credit hours or a passing score on the Paraprofessional test).
- Evidence of excellence in teaching in a student-centered and rigorous environment
- Experience in a project-based learning environment is strongly preferred, but not required
- Willingness to learn, explore, experiment, question, create, critique, and enhance as we RETHINK HIGH SCHOOL EDUCATION.


Email your
- cover letter,
- resume, and
- a copy of your certification/licensure to jobs@crosstownhigh.org.
- Include your content area speciality in the subject line.

In your cover letter, please address some or all of the following (no more than two pages, please):

- What about the Crosstown High opportunity most speaks to you?
- What makes you unique as a teacher that makes you a good fit for XTH?
- What is it like to spend the day in your classroom? Describe what we might see.
- What are sources of inspiration in your own professional growth?
- If you were a book what would your title be and what would be the first few sentences?

Thank you for your interest in Crosstown High.