Democrats Support Charter Schools

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According to a 2019 poll by the Benenson Strategy Group, 61 percent of Democratic primary voters favor continuing President Obama’s education policies designed to ‘promote innovation and choice in public schools and raise standards for every student.’ These Obama policies included spurring states to lift caps on new charter schools and creating the first-ever federal funding stream dedicated to replicating and expanding high-performing public charter schools.

A 2018 EdChoice poll shows that Black and Hispanic families are some of the strongest supporters of charter schools, with favorability margins of +49 and +30, respectively. In a 2019 EdNext Poll, 55 percent of African American Democrats and 47 percent of Hispanic Democrats favor charter schools, compared to 33 percent of white Democrats.

Democratic leaders support charter schools too. President Bill Clinton spearheaded the passage of the first federal law to support charter school start-ups. Former DNC Chair and Vermont Governor Howard Dean publicly stated his support for charter schools as recently as May 2019