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Drew Jacobs is the senior director of policy, research, and evaluation at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Drew has nearly 15 years of experience working in education, beginning his career as a seventh-grade teacher at LaVilla School of the Arts in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then, Drew has held numerous roles at the intersection of education, evaluation, policy, and research, including positions at the Education Trust-Midwest, Tennessee State Collaborative on Reforming Education (SCORE), and the Walton Family Foundation. Drew has a passion for leveraging research and data to advocate for low-income students and students of color.

During his career, Drew has worked on a variety of education issues including teaching quality, state academic standards, state accountability systems, school choice, and engaging academic/research institutions to advance the knowledge base in the field of education.

A Michigan native, Drew holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Michigan and a Master of Public Policy from Vanderbilt University. Drew enjoys spending time with his partner Michael and his Japanese Chin, Oscar and Dogen. In his free time, Drew enjoys reading, knitting, hiking, rowing, and baking.

Blog posts by Drew Jacobs


Survey Finds Charter School Teachers Engaged More Students During Pandemic

Once again, we see that the charter school model offers school leaders and teachers the ability to pivot quickly when challenges arise, so it’s no surprise that families are looking to charter schools at record-high rates.

What’s the Potential Impact of Federal Funding Bills on Charter School Funding?

Researchers from the University of Arkansas released a new study looking at what charter school students stood to lose should the U.S. House of Representative’s education funding bill pass. In the 18 cities examined, charter school students would lose an average of $1,131 per-pupil in school resources.
Drew Jacobs, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools

Senior Director, Policy, Research, and Evaluation