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Although Angela Christophe has lived in Washington, D.C., for more than 25 years, she is still a native New Orleanian at heart. Both cities top the charts for the highest percentage of public charter school students and have provided her practical insight on charter school growth and the impact on students and families. The Big Easy has also shaped Angela’s motto of “we make it work,” which speaks to her confidence in her team’s ability to respond to whatever situation may arise in planning the National Charter Schools Conference. 

As director of programs, Angela’s favorite work experiences include manning President Clinton and Pitbull, and working with keynote speakers to pick their walk-on song—the best being Secretary Spellings’ choice: “Brick House.” Her least favorite experience is having to turn down so many of the several hundred session proposals submitted for the conference.

Of course, as a Saints fan since birth, Angela is a member of the Who Dat Nation. She also supports and cheers on teachers and public education broadly, including involvement in her Ward 4 D.C. neighborhood and in Roosevelt High School. Angela is a graduate of Howard University’s School of Business.

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Producer, National Charter Schools Conference