Andrew Hodgson

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Andrew is the senior director of stakeholder engagement at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Prior to joining the National Alliance, Andrew led national growth processes for Citizens of the World Charter Schools, based in Los Angeles. As executive director for growth and strategy, Andrew led the organization’s greenlighting assessment and launch in Kansas City and Cincinnati, and supported the growth of seven diverse-by-design charter schools in Los Angeles. He also developed and led the initial policy, community need, financial, and regulatory assessment of potential new replication sites. In addition, he has expertise in charter development and authorization processes nationally.

He has also worked at the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence in Washington, D.C, documenting the tragic effect gun violence takes on children and families across the country. Andrew grew up in Great Britain and graduated from the University of Manchester, majoring in American Studies and specializing in American 20th-century history.

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Senior Director, Stakeholder Engagement