Amy Wilkins

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Amy Wilkins is the senior vice president of advocacy at the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. She began her career as an organizer for Fair Share Action in the early 80s, before beginning a nearly decade-long tenure at the Children’s Defense Fund – where, among other accomplishments, Wilkins helped pass a key child care and development block grant, and pushed candidates to address children’s issues in the 1992 election. She next served in a series of political positions, working on health care legislation for the Democratic National Committee, leading public forums on child care for the U.S. Department of Labor, and serving as Acting Director for the White House Office of Media Affairs.

In 1995, Wilkins joined The Education Trust , where for the next sixteen years she would lead the student advocacy organization through key milestones – including their efforts to safeguard Title II of the Higher Education Act so that teachers have funding for preparation and training, shape aspects of No Child Left Behind to protect our most vulnerable students, and increase the visibility of pre-K as a priority issue. Wilkins was named Senior Fellow for Social Justice at The College Board in 2013, where she led efforts to increase AP enrollment among high achieving African American students, and addressed the achievement and attainment gaps separating middle class African American students from their white peers.

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Senior Vice President, Advocacy