In Washington, D.C.

The National Alliance is the only organization that represents—at the national level—the interests of parents, teachers, and school and community leaders who are fighting to provide a better future for our children through high-quality charter schools.
Specifically, we are working to:

Through briefings, publications, and testimony, we educate members of Congress about the important role that charter schools play in educational innovation, choice, and reform. The National Alliance also serves as a critical first point of contact for policymakers as they make decisions that affect charter schools around the nation.
The federal Charter Schools Program (CSP) supports the creation of new schools and the replication of charter schools that are producing results. The CSP needs additional funding to continue to meet parental demand—public charter school waitlists across the nation approached 1 million names during the 2014–15 school year.
Charter schools are leaders in educational innovation. Members of the charter school community—including parents, teachers and school leaders—know firsthand the importance of flexibility for schools to make decisions about curriculum, staffing, and other issues. The National Alliance regularly communicates these types of concerns to policymakers so that they have a clear understanding of how their decisions affect schools.