In the States

The National Alliance is working to pass charter school laws in states that do not have them and strengthen charter school laws in states that have weak ones. Each year, the National Alliance selects a small number of states in which to focus our efforts. The following states are priority states for the 2014 state legislative sessions.


The Bluegrass State is one of only eight states that do not allow public charter schools, but we are working to change that. Led by the National Alliance and the Kentucky Charter Schools Association, a coalition of parents, pastors, educators, and legislators are coming together to push for more options for the state’s students. Here are a few of the latest highlights:

  • A recent poll showed that nearly three-quarters of the state’s voters favor creating charter schools. More than 80 percent favor increasing public school options.
  • National Alliance President and CEO Nina Rees and Joe Williams of Democrats for Education Reform co-authored this op-ed about the need for charter schools in Kentucky.
  • For more information about the efforts under way in Kentucky, please visit the Kentucky Charter Schools Association website.


Oklahoma has allowed public charter schools since 1999, but only 24 charters are open in the state. The main barrier is one of the weakest charter school laws in the country (currently ranked #34 out of 43 in our charter laws rankings report). The National Alliance is working with a growing group of lawmakers, educators, and advocates to improve the state’s charter school law so that more high-quality charter options are available for students. Top priorities for changes to the law include:

  • Allowing public charter schools to open in any district in the state (they are currently allowed in only approximately 20 of the state’s more than 500 districts);
  • Providing equitable access to capital funding and facilities; and
  • Creating a statewide authorizing entity.