In the Courts

To ensure that local, state, and federal laws allow students, parents, teachers, and communities to have access to high-quality charter school options, the National Alliance provides legal guidance and support in a variety of ways:

The National Alliance offers technical legal assistance to states and schools with pending “high-impact” litigation—helping local lawyers understand the unique laws under which charter schools operate, assisting with legal strategy, and sharing advice as needed. For example, we are currently active in Washington state, where we are helping charter school supporters defend their newly passed charter school law against a legal attack.
The National Alliance runs a charter school attorney network to connect lawyers serving charter schools around the country with the goal of building dialogue and growing a robust community of practice. Additionally, the National Alliance hosts semi-annual legal seminars focused on identifying and responding to emerging legal challenges. (Continuing Legal Education is offered.)
The National Alliance files amicus briefs in state and federal cases with national significance—particularly cases that present an opportunity to advocate for equitable student funding; improved facilities access; and consistent, transparent authorizing practices. See a list of briefs.
The National Alliance publishes white papers, issue briefs, and toolkits on legal issues facing the national charter school community. See a list of publications.
By providing resources and one-on-one consultations, the National Alliance gives states and school operators the tools they need to better understand, apply, and comply with federal laws, rules, and regulations.