A Growing Movement: America’s Largest Charter School Communities (8th Edition)


The latest data on public charter school enrollment demonstrate once again that public charter schools are the fastest-growing sector of public education in the United States. Over the past five years, student enrollment in public charter schools has grown by 80 percent. In 42 states and the District of Columbia, more than 2.3 million students—almost 5 percent of the total number enrolled in public schools— now attend charter schools. In seven school districts, more than 30 percent of students attend charter schools. In 135 districts, at least 10 percent of students attend public charter schools. Thirteen school districts saw increases in charter school enrollment ranging from nearly 20 to almost 60 percent in a single year. Because of their track record of success and ability to meet the unique needs of students, parents are increasingly choosing public charter schools in communities throughout the country. Demand for public charter schools is at an all-time high. CORRECTION: On March 26, 2014, two corrections were made to this report, updating it from what was originally released in December 2013. The first changed the growth rate of charter school enrollment in the San Diego Unified School District. The second changed the number of non charter students enrolled in the New Orleans Public School Systems. For questions about these changes, contact the National Alliance at 202-289-2700.