FY 13 Allocation of US Dept. of Education Charter Schools Program


SEA Grants and Non-SEA Grants $ 182.1 M
· SEAs eligible for 3 year grants
· Non-SEA grants go directly to charter schools

Replication and Expansion of High-Quality Charter Schools
(Charter Management Organization competition) $30 M
· Grants are up to 5 Years in duration
· Funds may be used to expand enrollment of one or
more existing charters, or to open one or more new

National Leadership Activities Grants $6.4 M
· Eligible: SEAs and LEAs in statute authorizing charter
schools and private nonprofits
· Priority is given to projects which improve the quality of
charter schools in urban and rural areas designated
needs improvement

Credit Enhancement for Charter School Facilities Program $12 M
· Grants available to help public charter schools improve
their credit in order to obtain private sector capital to
buy, construct, renovate, or lease academic facilities
· Eligible: Public entities (state or local), private nonprofit,
or a consortium

State Charter School Facilities Incentive Grants $11 M
· Competitive grants to help states with “per-pupil
facilities aid” for charter schools
· Only 11 States and DC have passed laws making them
eligible for these funds